Marasco (Logico): ‘Never before has it been necessary to pay attention to illegal gambling’

“Never as today it is necessary to pay attention first of all to illegal gaming and online is one of the segments most plagued by this scourge.” This is stated by Moreno Marasco president of Logico, Lega Lega Operatori Gioco Canale Online on the sidelines of the presentation of the research report of the project on the gaming sector of Luiss Business School and Ipsos. “Comparing the numbers that have emerged today with the official Adm data of 2020, it can be said that for 10 users who opt for a legal online offer, there are at least 7 that are gambled or wagered on illegal sites. Exorbitant and worrying numbers “, he underlines.” For some time – continues Marasco – we point out that the tools to combat illegality are not effective and this undermines the effectiveness of the tools to prevent gambling addiction present in the offer of legal gaming. Instead of the advertising ban, companies and trade associations should be allowed, if not imposed, to jointly create responsible gaming advertising, which allows users to explain how to recognize and reach legal operators and how to defend against illegal. The research project by Luiss Business School and Ipsos with the support of Adm shows that many people are not even aware that they are accessing pirate sites “.” We fully support and fully agree with the prosecutor De Raho’s complaint: the phenomenon of physical points ticked like mushrooms exploiting ateco codes not affected by the closures of the lockdown is a mirror image of that of the many platforms that have appeared on the net without concession. De Raho reminds us to be careful in view of the new concession assignments and we subscribe to this alert: we welcome the Government’s intentions to review the terms of the call for online gaming, since the mix of the following three elements would be highly counterproductive: halving of concessions in force, an auction-based mechanism and a tenfold increase in cost would further amplify the phenomenon of illegal gambling. It is necessary to reverse the trend of recent years when we have focused on facade measures, ignoring the submerged. Today the substance finally comes to the surface and it is necessary to intervene promptly ”, concludes Marasco.

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