Games, Durigon: ‘In maneuver in 2022 solutions on extended concessions’

With the next financial law it will be possible ” to give a general framework also to the famous concessions ” on games, which will be ” a theme to combat illegality ”. Concessions ” must certainly be renewed and moved further. We will have a strong debate but I believe that in the financial sector we will find these solutions ”. This was stated by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, Claudio Durigon, speaking at the report edited by the Luiss business school and Ipso ‘Il Gioco in Italia, between legality and illegality’. Speaking of the ” famous extensions that have expired or are about to expire ”, the undersecretary explains that ” the debate in parliament is to find a solution to the postponement of these extensions. Surely at this stage it will be necessary to bring the deadlines as far forward as possible ”. ” The main issues we are debating in these hours and days is how to create a framework law that can give a guarantee throughout the territory ” and that, he explains, ” can be a reference for all regions. We are working on this to create discussion tables ” and it is ” there that the main debate to create this law will take place ”.

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