Martino Midali makes an encore of openings in Rome

Martino Midali continues its retail investment plan on the Italian market and opens two new stores in Rome. The brand has already been present in the capital for decades with stores in some of the most prestigious and strategic areas of the city and in 2021 it has chosen to open new doors in the Eur area and within Rinascente Roma Piazza Fiume. Respectively, the first opened on April 26 in Viale Europa 6. The shop in shop inside the well-known departement store, which opened on June 16, is located on the fourth floor of the store, recently the protagonist of a total architectural restyling , and is destined to become a shopping crossroads for a national but also international female audience. Both stores present the brand’s new aesthetic that is expressed through iconic elements linked to the designer, including pop touches, modernist elements such as hand-forged iron for the crystal table supports, the Midali chandelier which in Rome takes on new baroc connotations, the large hand-painted wall with the stylized heart symbol of Martino Midali that is the background of the shop and the designer’s mantra shown on the walls: ‘It’s not my dress that dresses women … but women dress mine dress’. A fundamental value for the brand, which has always been a supporter of a body-inclusive fashion, and allows all its customers to find the most suitable answers to their desires in the soft volumes and silhouettes of the jersey. started in 2020 with the restyling of the stores in Milan Brera, Lecce and then with the new openings in Cesena and Modena and the re-location of one of the two stores in Palermo.

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