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Fried Chicken Day 2021: KFC knows its chickens well


The last in order of arrival was the KFConsole, presented as a joke and instead then produced in earnest. “The war of the consoles is over” had announced the company of Colonel Sanders, showing his latest gadget. The shape is that of the fried chicken bucket, the performances are of the highest level: comparable to that of a high-end computer, resolution up to 4K, frequency of 240 frames per second and the ability to guarantee ray tracing (faithful reproduction of lights and shadows). “We made the impossible possible,” they said in the spot last December. But they weren’t referring to performance. There is an extra feature: the integrated oven that keeps fried chicken at the perfect temperature during gaming sessions. Maybe to be paired with B16, a PC without monitor with integrated projector produced by Bud Light, which looks like a six-pack of beer and can keep two cans cool at a time while playing. And while beer and fried chicken want to put an end to the historic challenge between PlayStation and Xbox, KFC adds another trophy to its gallery of gadgets, enriched over the years with cutting-edge releases. In 2015 in Canada, for the sixtieth anniversary of KFC in the North American country, the Memories Bucket, literally “bucket of memories”, had appeared. A chicken container with an integrated photo printer, to immortalize yourself with greasy fingers and satisfied air. The year before in Japan, keyboard, mouse and USB stick in the form of fried chicken pieces were up for grabs as a prize for a social campaign. With an extra detail: even the letters on the keyboard were replaced by three-dimensional reproductions of thighs, nuggets and fins. In Germany at the same time the trays arrived, instead of the usual paper placemat, with a super flexible and super thin bluetooth keyboard to be connected to your device to continue writing without risking touching it with greasy hands. And what to do instead if you are overwhelmed by an irrepressible desire for fried chicken but the smartphone is almost empty? In Dehli and Mumbai the chicken box for a few months in 2016 also became a power bank. Not very high performance, many have criticized, but others have defended it, much more than what a normal cardboard box can do. And what do you do if the connection fails? In 2015 in Romania the problem had become serious, and KFC, with the “Don’t panic man” campaign, had decided to reward customers who, when a social platform was down, decided to go out and reconnect with the “real world” giving away a fried chicken meal. Returning to the last few months, at the end of 2020 there was the launch of food delivery with self-driving vehicles on the streets of Shanghai. Possible thanks to the 5G network, the vans with the Colonel logo go around the city, and you just have to place your order via the touch screen, pay with your phone through a QR code and collect your steaming bag from an automatic window. But KFC doesn’t forget its more analogue customers either. If the slogan of the Fonzies cheese fries was “if you don’t lick your fingers, enjoy only half”, the fried chicken brand has taken a leap forward by proposing an edible nail polish with the flavor of its famous recipes. And to increase the dose, he also proposed a log for the flavored fireplace, which when burned releases all the fragrance of the chicken just out of the fryer.



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