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Covid, Patuelli: “Italy’s financial reorganization not serious on companies, correct Irap”


Italy “will emerge from the pandemic even more indebted: financial consolidation will not have to further burden businesses, which would be penalized in international competition, nor on families. It is necessary to correct the lrap, of dubious constitutionality, which weighs on businesses regardless of income that they produce or not “. Antonio Patuelli, president of ABI, said this during his report to the assembly of the association, according to which the enormous efforts of banks to support families, young people and businesses “are not enough” because “when the pandemic is really over , everything will not be able and will not have to return to the way it was before “. According to the president of the Italian banking association, “we need to promote great economic and social growth with massive investments for strong sustainable development, making the best use of EU funds and encouraging Italian savers to invest not only in government bonds, but also in convertible bonds and company shares “. And then, he adds, “it is necessary to encourage investments in scientific research in Europe and in Italy to be more effective and rapid in all eventualities. The protection of health and the environment must be priorities in every area: efforts are never enough and The UN must also be revitalized “.



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