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Covid, Patuelli: “Moratoria and loans colossal work, do not interrupt measures prematurely”


During the pandemic, in support of families and businesses, the banks have put in place “a colossal work that continues, which must continue at least until the pandemic is eradicated, without prematurely interrupting” the initiatives “which will have to gradually decrease only after that the recovery will have developed “. Antonio Patuelli, president of ABI, says so in his report to the assembly of the association. “The banks – he explains – and those who work there have developed training, technologies and organization to make possible mass financial operations to prevent business crises, with unchanged banking legislation, so far with several million formal moratorium practices and about 2,300,000 new or extended loans, more or less guaranteed, for over two hundred billion euros. Furthermore, “the banks – he adds – are very committed to supporting young people, first of all for the new highly subsidized mortgages dedicated to them”.



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