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Accidents at work, Orlando: “Unacceptable numbers”


“The number of victims which is unfortunately absolutely unacceptable for the collective conscience of this country. Accidents weigh on the GDP to the extent of 2.6%, weighing on the health, social security, insurance, administrative and judicial systems, weighing on the healthy economy and the welfare state “. This was stated by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando during a hearing in the commission of inquiry on working conditions in Italy in the Senate. “Looking at the curve of accidents at work over the last thirty years, we can see that there is no direct correlation with the unemployment index or with the trend of the economy, it is not true that by decreasing work, the number of accidents decreases, and vice versa. Accidents at work are not the price of growth or the result of economic decline, but are related to the legality of work, “noted Orlando. “Injuries increase when there are few controls, large sweaters in contracts, a weaker representation of workers. These lines therefore represent the guidelines on which to move urgently and must be accompanied by a profound cultural work of education to legality because the only repressive approach is not enough “added the minister.



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