Borsa: the week of Piazza Affari starts with the plus sign

Putting aside the shyness of the first part, Piazza Affari closed the first session of the week with a plus sign. Orphans of Wall Street, the European lists ended above par despite the uncertainty still coming from the OPEC + summit, blocked by the question of the revision of production cuts. The majority led by Saudi Arabia pushes for an increase in production of 400 thousand barrels per day and the extension from April to the end of December 2022 of the current agreements while the Arab Emirates are firmly against the extension. The banking sector pushed the Ftse Mib, which ended the session at 25,441.34 points (+ 0.63%): Banco BPM closed with + 1.62%, Intesa Sanpaolo scored +1, 41%, UniCredit gained 1.74% and Mediobanca was the best performer in the blue chip basket, climbing 2.42%. Almost 19%, Leonardo del Vecchio could aim, as several newspapers have reported, to redesign the top management of Piazzetta Cuccia. The printed media also re-launched the hypothesis, feared by Citi, of a possible merger with Banca Mediolanum (-0.02%). From an M&A perspective, UCG itself also talks about a marriage. Increases above one percentage point also for STMicroelectronics (+ 1%) while, pending the decisions of Opec +, Eni, Saipem and Tenaris respectively recorded +0.56, +0.05 and +0.7 per cent . The announcement of a new order in India worth 170 million dollars allowed Maire Tecnimont to close with + 3.92% while the news of the purchase pushed Reno De Medici shares (+ 3.86%) by Apollo of 67% of the group and the subsequent launch of the takeover bid aimed at delisting. The week of the BTP-Bund spread began in the name of stability at 106 basis points. (in collaboration with

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