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Almawave, is the only Italian in Forrester’s Now Tech


Almawave is the only Italian to appear in the Forrester report for Conversational Intelligence technologies. The company, a top player in Artificial Intelligence, natural language analysis and Big Data services, has in fact been recognized and included by Forrester analysts in Now Tech: Conversational Intelligence, Q2 2021. In the Forrester report – a of the most influential research and consulting companies for companies all over the world – the multichannel technology of Almawave, a company of the Almaviva Group, is included and classified on the basis of market presence and functionalities in the field of so-called conversational intelligence. Forrester’s analysis defines the conversational intelligence of companies as a set of solutions to extract information of interest from voice conversations with the customer and, in this analysis of 41 providers and the Italian Almawave is the only Italian company mentioned and appears at alongside large multinational companies such as Amazon, Nice and Verint. “Our inclusion in Forrester’s Now Tech report is another significant achievement for the company and rewards the constant focus on R&D investments and technological innovation” comments Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei. “Appearing together with some world giants represents a further stimulus to strengthen and grow” underlines Sandei. The report places Almawave in the functional segment of IT companies defined as “pure-play”, ie that “integrate with existing systems to add a new layer of conversational intelligence with more advanced, specialized, cheaper and easier to use features. Many companies they also focus on use cases outside the Contact Center, such as customer insight, competitive intelligence, sales and marketing. “The report is designed to support technologists and Customer Experience professionals in understanding what value to expect from providers of conversational intelligence, through an overview of suppliers and market analysis based on two factors: presence and functionality. In this area, Almawave recalls that it has always been “active with state-of-the-art proprietary technologies and services applied with a constantly updated approach that aims to provide the world of Customer Experience with new operational tools and increasingly advanced functionalities”. Specifically, Almawave’s multi-channel platform focuses on three areas: text analysis, speech recognition, automation and optimization of multi-channel customer care.



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