Auto Demolition, comes the software that tracks every single component

A mega brain able to track every single component of the cars that are being scrapped. A way to ensure transparency, avoid illegal circuits and certify the effective transformation of waste into resources, with benefits for citizens, the environment and the companies of the automotive supply chain. This is Cobat Path, the new Certiquality certified software that allows car manufacturers and car wreckers to guarantee transparency, traceability and data security in the management of end-of-life vehicles. The Cobat technological solution was presented today in Rome, at the Hub – Lventure Group, a symbol of innovation within Termini Station, and in streaming, in the presence of: Martina Nardi, president of the Productive Activities Commission at the Chamber of Deputies; Tommaso Foti, member of the Chamber’s Environment Commission; Stefano Ciafani, president of Legambiente; Cosimo Franco, general manager of Certiquality and the representatives of the producers’ associations – Luca De Vita, institutional relations area of ​​Anfia and Antonio Cernicchiaro, deputy general manager of Unraee, as well as those of auto-demolition associations such as Car and Ada, with their respective presidents Alfonso Gifuni and Anselmo Calò. The objective of the Cobat Path is to revolutionize the concept of self-demolition, transforming it into a real circular economy of the automotive sector. An industry that already exists in Italy and that can take great steps forward and become a pillar of the country’s circular economy, thanks also to the stimulus of the new European directives. On 27 September 2020, with Legislative Decree 119, the European Directive 2018/849 on the management of end-of-life vehicles and waste such as car parts, batteries, electronic components was implemented. Among the objectives of the directive, there is the implementation of the concept of extended producer responsibility, that is to say the increasing importance of car manufacturers in the management of end-of-life vehicles, those that must be sent for recycling. Europe also aims to incentivize the reuse of end-of-life vehicle parts as spare parts; strengthen vehicle tracking and accounting systems; incentivize the recycling of waste from crushing plants equipped with the best available techniques, finalizing the disposal or energy recovery to non-recyclable waste only.The Cobat route idea was born 3 years ago, in conjunction with the first steps of the European directive. The need for a platform that guarantees transparency and traceability in the management of the end of life of vehicles emerges from the comparison with the associations of car wreckers and with car manufacturers. The solution is developed by Cobat, a company that has been dealing with the circular economy of cars in all their components for over 30 years, first with lead batteries, now also with tires and new lithium batteries. The challenge was to find a universal system capable of communicating with most of the software already used by car wreckers. “A system open to all, freely offered to car wreckers and car manufacturers – explains Giancarlo Morandi, president of Cobat – Through an efficient use of data, it is in fact possible to reduce the impact on the environment, generate energy savings and ensure motorists a high level of service. It is the creation of shared value, at the basis of Cobat’s mission as a Benefit Company. An advantage for companies, an advantage for society, an advantage for the environment “. Cobat route today allows car manufacturers to have access to data relating to vehicles that are being scrapped and to car wreckers to enter the data and components of each incoming vehicle. The certified platform allows you to consult reports, statistics and vehicle data sheets, as well as have immediate access to the warehouse, both of the single vehicle and the entire spare parts list.The Cobat Path software is certified by Certiquality, one of the main bodies specialized in System Certification business management for quality, environment and security, as well as for Information Security. In addition, the self-demolition systems, in order to join the platform, are certified by a triple audit: in the back office, on the data declared by all subscribers to the platform; periodically, through a monitoring of all documentation and in the field, with a further verification of the requirements. “We are very pleased with the long collaboration between Certiquality and Cobat – said Cosimo Franco, general manager of Certiquality – and the importance that Cobat has always recognized to the certification system as a tool to enhance its commitment to quality and sustainability. Together with the environmental certifications according to the international ISO 14001 standard and the European Emas Regulation, Certiquality has certified the Cobat data and information security management system according to the ISO 27001 standard. Business continuity, IT security and sustainability, together with Industry 4.0 , are absolutely topical issues, also in light of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which directs investments in these directions. The role of Cqy as an independent certification body – added Cosimo Franco – will be a further guarantee for all stakeholders of transparency and quality of the platform data “. As Ispra points out in its recent report on Special Waste, end-of-life vehicles are an important category of waste, subject to monitoring by the European Union. A type in continuous growth and that in 2019 exceeded one and a half million tons of waste produced. And it is precisely in this sector that our country is below what is required by Europe in terms of total vehicle recovery (84.2% compared to an EU target of 95%). “The strengthening of the circular economy in our country passes through an increasingly innovative industrial chain that cannot do without a system of controls and traceability that empowers all the players involved – declares Stefano Ciafani, president of Legambiente – On this Fronte helps a lot the experience acquired in the past by Cobat which has played and continues to play a fundamental role in the correct management of waste, even dangerous. This is a sector that is still threatened today by some unscrupulous operators, as we describe every year in our Ecomafia Report. Solutions such as those presented today help to combat phenomena such as these that cause problems for the environment, for people’s health and for serious companies that suffer ruthless unfair competition ”.

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