Alexa becomes a sommelier, with ‘Perfect Wine’ the Amazon assistant advises us what to drink

Amazon introduces the ‘Perfect Wine’ skill on devices equipped with Alexa voice assistance, which helps the user to find their way around the wide range of wines in Italy. The voice assistant will then be able to recommend labels based on the occasion to celebrate, your tastes or needs. To get advice just say ‘Alexa, open Perfect Wine’, and then let yourself be guided through the wine world, filtering the options according to your preferences, such as a special occasion, a romantic evening, an aperitif with friends, a dinner of work, or Italy to the Europeans, but also on the basis of price and food pairing, until you find the ideal wine. Alexa will then share all the information about the chosen wine directly on the screen of the Echo Show device, on the Alexa App and via email. Furthermore, when users have become familiar with the new Alexa skill, discovering its full potential, they will be able to ask more direct and complex questions. Just ask, for example, ‘Alexa, recommend me a wine for a romantic dinner with a maximum price of twenty euros’ or ‘Alexa, suggest me a wine for an aperitif with friends’, in order to speed up and optimize the search. “This initiative – explains the company – confirms the continuous attention to customers, who on can choose from thousands of Italian and foreign wine labels for all price ranges, to which a new selection from small and large wineries is added every day . Customers can discover their favorite wines thanks to the wealth of product information and reviews from other customers. Prime customers benefit from fast and free shipping even for a single bottle, with no spending limits to reach. Non-registered customers at Prime, they can receive free shipping with a minimum order of 29 euros “.

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