• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Onorato Group, Federmar: 24-hour strike on May 23, ready to stop indefinitely


May 11, 2021

24-hour strike by the workers of the Onorato group on 23 May with the possibility of going on indefinitely. This was proclaimed by Federmar Cisal who communicated the procedures for abstention from work: ground staff: 24 hours starting at 5 pm on 23 May 2021; crew on 24-hour passenger ferries starting at 4 pm on 23 May 2021; crew of 24-hour freight ferries starting at 00.00 on 23 May 2021. “The strike, should the state of things worsen further, could continue indefinitely”, declares Secretary General Alessandro Pico. “While maintaining the state of agitation, Federmar Cisal jointly with Cisal Trasporti had postponed the strike of the flight and administrative staff of the Onorato Group following the meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, held on the last 5/5. today, the reasons behind a dispute remain and even worsen – underlines Pico – which, between courts and stamped papers, now sees the imminent risk that 6000 workers of sea and land, innocent and innocent, have no longer guaranteed their jobs on the 39 ships, 16 tugs and offices in Italy of the Onorato shipowners group, even more we have no news of solutions from the Interministerial table Mise, Mims, Prime Minister, Tirrenia in AS, Onorato Group (a table that today culpably excludes the Workers’ organizations) Pending the decision of the Court of Milan envisaged, after further postponement, for the next one 24 May on the pronouncement of the Group’s state of insolvency and, therefore, on the consequent hecatomb of employment “.