• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Superbonus, Bper and Ance agreement for business assistance


May 11, 2021

The Bper Group and Ance, the National Association of Building Builders, have signed a collaboration agreement to assist the companies registered in the association in using the 110% super bonus and all other tax bonuses for the redevelopment of real estate assets. The agreement, extended throughout the national territory, provides for mutual support to facilitate companies in managing the process of accessing the tax instrument, thus facilitating the initiation of energy efficiency measures and seismic safety of buildings. The BPER Group, in particular, makes dedicated products and services available to Ance companies. “With the agreement signed today, Ance strengthens relations with the credit system to provide maximum assistance to companies in the area involved in redevelopment interventions linked to the Superbonus 110%”, comments the president of Ance, Gabriele Buia. “To seize all the opportunities related to the tool – adds Buia – it is necessary to join forces to facilitate businesses and citizens and allow the widest possible access to the bonus, speeding up the times for starting work and putting everyone’s professional skills into a system. the actors involved in the no longer postponable process of energy efficiency and seismic safety of the country’s real estate assets. “For the deputy general manager and chief business officer of Bper Banca, Pierpio Cerfogli” the agreement with Ance represents an excellent opportunity which will allow the Bper group to provide support to companies and associated professionals through the granting of specific loans and the purchase of tax credit in relation to renovation and energy efficiency works on properties subsidized with the 110% Superbonus “.