Holidays, in June it was ‘stinged’: consumer estimates

Holidays, ‘sting’ in June according to consumers. Domestic flights in just one month recorded an increase of 19.7%, placing themselves in first place in the top ten. In second place are holiday villages, campsites, youth hostels and the like with an increase of 16.9%. On the lowest step of the podium, international flights rose by 10% on the previous month. This is what emerges from the processing carried out by the National Consumers Union, based on Istat data, which compared the data from June to May. Even those who want to rent a car or want to rent a parking space at the resort are not saved: they will have to pay 6.3% more than a month ago. In fifth position the item that perhaps represents the most holidays, the tourist package: the national ones will be more expensive by 4.5%. Followed by maritime transport (+ 2.9%), international vacation packages (+ 2.5%), museums, parks and gardens (+ 1.8%), passenger rail transport (+ 1.1%), while the list is closed by recreational and sports services that also include bathing establishments (amusement parks, swimming pools, gyms, bathing establishments, sports facilities) with + 0.9% (9 times the monthly inflation, equal to 0, 1%). Restaurants do not enter the top ten, even if by a whisker (+0.6%). In the top ten of annual price increases, fuel is in first and second place, which will heavily affect the trips to go to the coveted destination of holidays. Recall that according to Istat 84% of Italians will use their own means of transport to reach the holiday resort. Gasoline increased by 16.2% compared to June 2020, while diesel by 15.6%. In third place the national holiday packages which compared to a year ago mark an increase of 9.7%. Museums, parks and gardens are also taking advantage of this, with an annual jump of 9.1%. In fifth place the garage rental and the rental of means of transport (+ 6%), then passenger rail transport (+ 5.9%), holiday villages, campsites (+ 4.5%), in eighth place fast food and take away catering services (+ 2.6%). Maritime transport closed the ranking (+ 2.2%) and, in tenth position, restaurants with an increase of 1.9%. “If a good morning starts in the morning we go badly! In July and August, considered the greatest compared to June, there is a real risk that prices will take off even more ”, comments the president of the UNC, Massimiliano Dona. ” We understand the difficulties of the tourism sector, but it must be considered that families are also in crisis. ‘a difficult time for everyone, but there are those who, like hoteliers, at least for now, have decided responsibly to keep prices substantially stable, raising them by 1.1% on an annual basis but reducing them by 0.8% on May “, he concludes.

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