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Energy, Aiget: “Government interventions are good, but structural measures are needed on the electricity bill”


“The move by the Government and the Regulatory Authority for Energy Reti Ambiente (which also follows a not too different choice by the Spanish government last week) to contain the increases in bills confirms once again the urgency to find a solution definitive and consistent due to the enormous weight of the more or less improper charges that over the years have been progressively loaded on our bills, transforming them more and more into a vehicle of improper and not very transparent taxation. This in a broad context. an increase in the international prices of commodities and energy raw materials which unfortunately leaves a broad indication of the need for further interventions of this type in the coming months “. This was stated in a note by Massimo Bello, the president of Aiget, the Italian Association of Energy Wholesalers and Traders, who agrees with the intervention of the executive and the Authority. Aiget thus recalls once again the need, and today even more the urgency, of a radical and coherent reform of our bills, to be freed from all the improper burdens and multiple cost items that today weigh down and that already in the past have repeatedly demonstrated the various risks associated with the transformation of energy suppliers into tax collectors for third parties. “Furthermore – continues Bello – the issue is obviously also related to the completion of the full liberalization of the market, which in a clearer fiscal and regulatory context, coherent and more understandable also for consumers, it could contribute even better to keeping price increases under control, favoring an ever more free and conscious choice on the part of consumers “.



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