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X SATURDAY De-alcoholic wine, De Castro: “it’s an opportunity but let’s not call it wine”


In the frame of the new CAP 2021-2027, just approved by the Trilogue and in the Agrifish headquarters, the chapter on the de-alcoholation of wine is inserted. The proposal of the European institutions provides for a total de-alcoholization for table wines with an alcohol content of less than 0.5% while for quality wines (technically Dop and Igp that contain Doc, Docg, Igt) de-alcohol is allowed. partially with an alcoholic strength higher than 0.5%). “De-alcoholization for table wines can become a commercial opportunity, let’s not leave it to others” intervenes Paolo De Castro, coordinator of the S&D Group in the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament, interviewed by Adnkronos. “What is certain is that a non-alcoholic product or almost cannot be called wine, let’s see how it will end up but I want to emphasize that it is not correct to call it watered down because water has nothing to do with it, no water is added but the alcohol content is lowered. “he explains referring to the allowed oenological practices. In this regard, the CAP clarifies that practices involving the addition of water and other elements not obtained directly from the de-alcoholation process are not permitted. The game, however, is in the hands of the producers underlines the former Minister of Agriculture, recalling an illustrious precedent, non-alcoholic beer. As for wines with a designation of origin, from Barbera to Chianti, from Prosecco to Primitivo, “each consortium could decide, possibly, within a specification – says De Castro – what it believes to change but, it is a long process, however considered the usefulness of an enological practice that can be managed by consortia on the basis of the characteristics of the vintage “. Different is the case of table wines “you can even get to a wine at 8, 9 degrees”. The decalculation, which has literally split the world of Italian wine, is conceived as part of the CAP to help producers enter new markets, “not in Europe – adds the MEP – is aimed at countries such as China or Arab countries. The risk is that someone else will appropriate it and therefore it is good to put European rules, there is a law still in force which says that below 9 degrees it cannot be defined as wine “concludes De Castro. (by Cristina Armeni)



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