Online pharmacy: the new habits of Italians

In collaboration with The last two years have radically changed our habits, our needs and we have also had to review our way of buying. If before, many of us used to buy basic necessities only in physical stores, now this trend has been reversed, thanks to the rapid rise of e-commerce, which due to the pandemic have seen sales increase exponentially. The possibility of avoiding possible contagion opportunities, remaining safe at home, and the acquired awareness of the advantages of the web, have made it possible to shorten the time of the digital revolution, which in many other European countries had already started successfully for several years. . The growth of e-commerce after Covid Italy is among those countries where online purchases in recent months have been most appreciated, aligning, in fact, with the standards of other European nations. This great growth was also dictated by the use of the smartphone, which has contributed to increasing the number of purchases on the web: as many as 76% of Italians have purchased at least once using their mobile phone, a figure that is even higher than European average of around 64% (analysis by Casaleggio Associati in the E-commerce research in Italy 2020). The simplicity of shopping online One of the fastest growing sectors is represented by e-commerce of pharmacies. There are many advantages for those who choose to buy pharmaceutical products on the web: exemplary is the case of the Pharmacie Ravenna online pharmacy, safe, reliable, authorized by the Ministry of Health and part of a group of municipal pharmacies, therefore synonymous with guarantee. The shop of is really rich and has a vast assortment of products including drugs that do not require a prescription, medical devices, supplements, cosmetics, homeopathic remedies, parapharmaceutical products and for children. Pharmacies Ravenna: the advantages of the web Pharmacies Ravenna allows the customer numerous advantages, including: · Possibility to buy at any time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day; · An intuitive, clear, fast and easily navigable website. from PC, smartphone or tablet; · The possibility of being able to consult an exhaustive sheet for each product describing its characteristics, in order to allow the customer to compare similar products so as to choose the most suitable item for their needs; Always competitive prices and exclusive promotions for the web; · Fast and safe shipping throughout Italy; · Free gifts always present for every package sent and for any amount; · 100% guaranteed and guaranteed privacy; · Frequent sending of newsletters with the best promotions , offers and news of the moment; A large section of Questions & Answers in each product sheet, with the possibility of asking questions to a team of experts and pharmacists if you want information more about a product. The future of online purchases Regarding drugs, it is interesting to report a recent analysis carried out by Kantar (English data analysis company) carried out on a sample of 1500 Italians who buy online. From this it emerges that more than 21% have bought health products or over-the-counter drugs on the web: therefore one in five. The figure rises to almost 30% for cosmetics and perfumery products.

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