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Summer sales 2021, away tomorrow: from Lombardy to Campania, where they start


Summer sales 2021 starting tomorrow, July 3, in almost all of Italy: from Lombardy to Lazio, from Campania to Veneto, from Tuscany to Piedmont. It starts in Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples. After the early start of Sicily from tomorrow, on Saturday 3 July the summer end-of-season sales will start in 16 other Italian regions. With the exception of the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, and Basilicata and Puglia, the last regions starting on 2 August and 24 July respectively. Consumer interest is high: 52% say they want to take advantage of the summer sales to make one or more purchases, while 27% will decide based on the occasion. An average cost of € 285 per family is expected, equal to € 124 per person. This is what emerges from the survey on end-of-summer sales conducted by Swg for Fismo, the association of fashion companies belonging to Confesercenti, on a sample of consumers residing in Italy. Consumers who show a high level of appreciation for the event: for 48% the sales are an opportunity for consumers, while for 19% it is a beautiful tradition to be respected. Only 24% believe that it is now an outdated sales method, but the average budget hides a strong polarization. One in three Italians will be held under 100 euros, while 20% will spend more than 200 euros. However, the physical retail network remains the protagonist of the sales: 46% indicate that they want to buy from branded stores or a large chain, 39% from an independent store and 29% in an outlet, while only 27% say they want to buy wanting to buy a product also on the internet. Italians will mainly look for footwear, a purchase indicated by 63% of the sample, followed by sweaters and T-shirts (40%) and – at a great distance – by shirts and blouses (19%). This is followed by underwear (reported by 18% of respondents), swimwear and beach accessories (17%) and bags, belts, wallets and small leather goods (10%). “The survey confirms the value that sales have for families Italians, especially after a difficult year like the one just ended “, comments Fabio Tinti, National President of Fismo Confesercenti.” Precisely for this reason, however, we should open a reflection on the start dates, which in theory should be placed at the end of the season , and that this year they will leave for most of Italy a week after the start of summer. A too close start of discounts, which risks weighing on the balance sheets of companies, exhausted after a year of crisis. Puglia and Basilicata did well to choose a date closer to the real end of the season ”he concludes.



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