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Gallo (Italgas): “ready for a binding offer for Depa, the only ones able to bring the right know-how”


“We are ready to present the binding offer for Depa”, the Greek operator that manages the gas transmission networks and is currently controlled by the Greek government. “The delivery date of the binding offers is scheduled for July 15 and we are there”. This was stated by Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo regarding the tender for the privatization of Depa. “We are very interested in society – underlines Gallo – for two reasons: the first is linked to the fact that in any case it is a country very similar to ours also from an infrastructural and above all regulatory point of view. The country ecosystem sees a situation similar to the Italian one. . a known ecosystem so to speak. The other aspect is that it is a project that requires many infrastructural developments. Today, gas distribution in Greece is mainly developed in the Athens and Thessaloniki areas. Everything else is practically to be built. . The plans of the Greek government that provide for the abandonment of lignite and coal presuppose an infrastructural development of distribution which is also important and we are equipped to do so. The model is that of Sardinia, where we have almost completed the construction of over 1,100 kilometers of new digital native networks; for us it would be a natural continuation “. Furthermore, Gallo observes,” we are the only operator able to to provide the know-how and expertise necessary for the development of a completely digital network. What’s more, we are industrial operators and we want to stay in Greece for a long time “. The other companies competing for Depa, on the other hand,” are private equity funds which by their nature have a limited time horizon. It should also be in the interest of the Greek government to secure an industrial operator that allows it to implement those development plans it has announced and which are in line with the objectives of the EU “. In short, he concludes,” all the elements are there. to carry out a major project to the full advantage of both Italgas and the Hellenic community. Then obviously the race has to be won, and that’s the hardest part “.



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