Qvc Beyond is born, not just shopping, now also information format

A new project signed by Qvc is underway: from 1 July Qvc Beyond will be on the air, an innovative multi-channel information format that collects a rich series of audio and video contents developed to involve Qvc Italia customers and audiences in celebrating stories of empowerment and resilience. From a research conducted by Qvc on its customers, 68% believe it important that a brand is committed to the issues of empowerment and 80% perceive Qvc as attentive to this topic. With a large and loyal community of customers that has always represented the reference point for every initiative of the brand, Qvc has therefore chosen to dedicate a part of its television schedule every day to sharing experiences and testimonies of people who, in their lives and profession, they have successfully overcome the limits that society imposes and that people sometimes unknowingly self-inflict. The first season of content starts from the world of sports and will evolve into other areas, including a wide range of topics and characters. To achieve this goal, a collaboration was created with the agency “We Are Female Athletes” to share stories of female inclusion and emancipation, of success and / or failure told by an exceptional interviewer: Regina Baresi, former captain of the Inter female, as well as daughter and nephew of art: Beppe Baresi is her father and Franco Baresi is her uncle.In the studio, as guests, there will be expert personalities linked to the world of sport such as Valentina Marchei, Michela Cerruti, Chiara Penco, Maria Beatrice Welcome. The content will be developed according to a seasonal calendar. Each season consists of 12 monthly themes with the aim of raising awareness among customers and the public, celebrating stories of empowerment and encouraging them towards new personal goals.As a cross-platform video / audio information format, the new Qvc Beyond will be developed on the television channel, on a dedicated landing page on the website, on the social profiles of QVC and those of the guests involved, as well as in the Podcast version, lasting 15/20 min., available on the main channels such as Spotify and Spreaker, with a new appointment every month. Paolo Penati, CEO of Qvc Italia, says: “Qvc Beyond confirms our desire to strengthen Qvc’s commitment. Our purpose goes beyond shopping, we connect people. But these relationships have a responsibility that means making sure that the moments of joy we create also help inspire and build a better world. Challenges such as inequality, climate change and community well-being require bold goals, fresh thinking, renewed commitment and collective action. As we continue to invest in our corporate culture and engage with customers in new ways, diversity, fairness and inclusion are a primary focus every step of the way, including recent fashion campaigns “Must Have “of this and last year, which saw models of all ages, ethnicities, physical conformations and gender inclinations as protagonists”. Qvc Italia is part of Qvc Inc., a retailer that interacts daily with millions of customers all over the world and has a team of 22,200 people globally. Qvc, Inc. seeks to support empowerment and belonging by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) within its organization and with its associates. of the most important recent initiatives launched globally has been to introduce the “team member resource groups”, groups of volunteers sponsored by the company, created to support diversity, equity and inclusion in the am, in the workplace, in the markets in which it operates and in the communities in which it is inserted, recognizing the responsibility of Qvc in giving voice to change.Qvc is the multimedia platform that combines TV, digital, mobile and social media for an experience of unique and engaging shopping. Qvc reaches 218 million homes worldwide, with 16.5 million customers in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy and China through a joint venture. Qvc builds authentic relationships with its customers and, through storytelling, accompanies them to the discovery of exclusive products in the beauty, home, jewelry, fashion and electronics categories. The Italian office, led by Paolo Penati, is located in Brugherio (MB) in a building at the forefront of environmental sustainability, which also houses the contact center and state-of-the-art recording studios.

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