Fourteenth pensioners, to whom it is up to July and December 2021

Who among retirees will receive the fourteenth INPS in December 2021? When is it paid in July? All those who become pensioners or retirees who reach the age requirement of 64 within the year will benefit from the postdated payment of the additional monthly salary, subject to the income requirements. In particular, as recalled by the INPS message 2047, those who will receive the additional sum on the December installment, always on condition that they fall within the expected income requirements, are: – pensioners who reach 64 years of age within the year to starting from 1 July 2021 in the case of public management and from 1 August 2021 in the case of private management and former ENPALS; – who becomes pensioner during the current year. Retirees who, on the other hand, as of 30 June 2021 have already reached the age of 64 and meet the income requirements, will receive the additional sum in their pension in July 2021. As explains in its guide to the fourteenth, there are income requirements planned to benefit from it. Until 2017, the additional sum was paid to those who had an individual income not exceeding 1.5 times the minimum treatment payable by the Employee Pension Fund (FPLD). Since January 2017, then, the fourteenth month’s salary has been extended – albeit with lower amounts, even for those who receive income from 1.5 to 2 times higher than the minimum amount. The parameters to understand what are the amounts due for each entitled person are: ● the income ● the years of contributions paid ● the type of work performed (self-employed or dependent) In light of these parameters, those who have an income of up to 10,043 euros and up to 15 years of contributions paid – in the case of employee work – or 18 years in the case of self-employment will benefit from a fourteenth of 437 euros. Those who, with the same income, have paid 15 to 25 years of contributions – employees – and 18 to 28 for self-employed workers will receive an additional sum of 546 euros. Finally, for those who have paid over 25 years – employees – or over 28 years – self-employed – the sum will reach 655 euros. As for those who have incomes from 10,043 to 13,391.12, they will have to take into account the years of contributions paid as follows: up to 15 years – employees – 18 years for self-employed workers, the amount of the additional sum will be 336 euros; for those who, with the same income, have paid from 15 to 25 years of contributions in the case of dependent work and from 18 to 28 in the case of self-employment will receive 420 euros; finally, those who have over 25 years of paid contributions, employees, or over 28 years for self-employed workers, the sum will reach 504 euros.

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