Summer sales 2021 at the start, here are the dates and rules for purchases

Today the summer sales in Sicily start, on July 3rd they will start in almost all the other regions. Last to leave Puglia on July 24 and Basilicata on August 2. According to estimates by the Confcommercio Research Department, this year each family will spend an average of 171 euros – equal to 74 euros per capita – for a total value of 2.6 billion euros for the purchase of discounted items. “After the annus horribilis, the hope is that the shopping rush will resume. There is a great desire for freedom and a return to a new normal. And, after a long period of restrictions, the summer sales represent an important opportunity to make up for lost time and renew the wardrobe for the holidays, also buying at affordable prices ”, underlined Renato Borghi, president of the Italian Fashion Federation-Confcommercio For the correct purchase of items on sale, the Italian Fashion Federation and Confcommercio recall some basic principles on sales at the time of Covid. 1) Exchanges: the possibility of changing the garment after it has been purchased is generally left to the discretion of the shopkeeper , unless the product is damaged or non-compliant (Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, Consumer Code). In this case, the shopkeeper is obliged to repair or replace the garment and, if this proves impossible, the reduction or refund of the price paid. However, the buyer is required to report the defect of the garment within two months from the date of discovery of the defect. 2) Trial of the garments: there is no obligation. It is left to the discretion of the shopkeeper. 3) Payments: credit cards must be accepted by the shopkeeper and cashless payments must be favored. 4) Products for sale: the items that are offered on sale must be seasonal or fashionable and be susceptible to significant depreciation if not sold within a certain period of time. 5) Indication of the price: obligation of the shopkeeper to indicate the normal selling price, the discount and the final price. 6) Respect for distances: it is necessary to maintain a distance of one meter between customers waiting for entry and inside the shop .7) Disinfection of hands: obligation to sanitize hands with alcoholic solutions before touching the products. 8) Masks: obligation to wear the mask in the store and also in the dressing room when trying on the garments. 9) Changes and / or tailoring adaptations : are charged to the customer, unless otherwise agreed. 10) Maximum number of customers in the store: obligation to display a sign in the window showing the maximum number of customers allowed in the stores at the same time. Finally, Confcommercio also points out the various initiatives promoted throughout the national territory by the Italian Fashion Federation, such as “Clear and Safe Sales”, “Transparent Sales”, “Tranquility Sales”.

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