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730 reimbursement 2021, when it arrives from the Revenue Agency


The 730 model – also that of 2021 – can lead to a refund for the taxpayer from the Revenue Agency. The presentation of form 730 is used to allow the tax authorities to calculate the exact amount of taxes due by the taxpayer in the reference year, based on the income received and the tax deductions recognized. If the tax recalculation shows a credit, i.e. a payment greater than the amount due has been made, the taxpayer will be entitled to a refund of personal income tax. For those who submit the tax return, therefore, it is important to know when the refund to which they are entitled will arrive. With the new deadline of September 30th, the date on which the payment of the refunds of the 730 form is received is not unique for everyone, but varies according to when the tax return is presented. In particular, various deadlines have been established within which CAF and professionals must notify the Revenue Agency of the right to the adjustment: – If the application was submitted by May 31, the communication had to arrive by June 15, 2021; – between 1 and 20 June, by 29 June 2021; – from 21 June to 15 July, by 23 July 2021; – from 16 July to 31 August, by 15 September 2021; – from 1 to 30 September, by 30 September 2021; Refunds emerging from filling in form 730 they will be paid on the first useful salary, starting from the following month in respect of which the employer received the liquidation prospectus. The same rules also apply in the case of a pre-filled 730 form. The mobile term will also be applied to reimbursements and adjustments of pensioners: INPS and the other pension institutions will carry out the debit starting from the second month following the receipt of the liquidation prospectus. Finally, for those who have presented or will present the 730 form without withholding tax, without prejudice to the new rules for the timing of the credit, the amount will be credited directly to the current account of the holder of the refund. If the refund amount exceeds 1,000 euros, including interest, a check will be issued by Poste Italiane. The same deadlines also apply in the event of a debt settlement, therefore in the event that the recalculation shows that the taxpayer has paid less than due. One of the most frequent cases in which this happens is that of workers who have received income from different employers during the year.



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