Cashback suspended, folders, layoffs: green light to the dl

From the suspended cashback until the end of December, to the extension of the suspension of the payment of tax bills, but also the rules resulting from the agreement on layoffs and Alitalia. Green light of the Council of Ministers to the decree. It is learned from government sources. In particular on the cashback, which had caused tensions in the majority forces, during the CDM the reassurances of Prime Minister Mario Draghi would arrive, regarding the fact that it will only be a temporary pause, as written in the text. These are the main measures contained in the draft: STOP CLOTHING AND TEXTILE DISMISSALS UNTIL 31/10. Extension of the Cig Covid for the textile, clothing, leather and fur industries and consequent extension of the block on layoffs until 31 October. leather and fur, and the manufacture of leather and similar items, identified, according to the classification of economic activities Ateco2007, with codes 13, 14 and 15, which, starting from the date of July 1, 2021, suspend or reduce the activity workers, may submit, for workers in force at the date of entry into force of this decree, an application for the granting of ordinary wage supplement treatment for a maximum duration of seventeen weeks in the period between 1 July and 31 October 2021. TRANSPORT PLANE. The endowment of the Solidarity Fund for the air transport sector and the airport system increased by € 7.4 million for the year 2021 and by € 3.7 million for the year 2022.ALITALIA. In the estimate of the Ministry of Economic Development, a fund has been set up, with an endowment of 100 million euros for the year 2021, aimed at guaranteeing the compensation of the holders of travel tickets and vouchers issued by the extraordinary administration as a result of the containment measures envisaged for the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 and not used at the date of the transfer of the company compendia. The compensation is paid exclusively in the event that a similar transport service is not guaranteed to the contractor, and is quantified in an amount equal to the amount of the ticket. STOP CASHBACK, 1.5 BILLION SAVINGS UNDER SHOCK REFORM. Stop the cashback program until December 31st, and restart from January 1st to June 30th. The program for the allocation of cash reimbursements for purchases made through the use of electronic payment instruments governed by the decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance of 24 November 202 is suspended for the six-month period. The savings from the measure will go to finance the fund for the reform of social safety nets. For the year 2022, a Fund has been set up in the forecast of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, with an endowment of 1,500 million euros destined to contribute to the financing of reform measures in the field of social safety nets. STOP FOLDERS AND TARI DIFFERENCE. New extension for the sending of tax bills to 31 August, from the previous 30 June. The Decree also provides for the deferral of the Tari tariff by the Municipalities from 30 June to 31 July. REFINANCING NUOVA SABATINI. Simplification and refinancing of the new Sabatini for investments in innovation by micro and SMEs. The goal of accelerating the processes of disbursement of contributions to productive investments of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The dl also allocates the resources to refuel the coffers for the dry intervention from the beginning of June.

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