Selective blocking of layoffs: agreement between government, businesses and trade unions

Government, trade unions and companies have signed, at the end of almost 7 hours of discussion, the common notice that commits companies to use the social safety nets before proceeding with the layoffs. According to government sources, the joint document was signed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, by the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, by the leaders of CGIL, CISL and UIL and by Confcooperative, Cna, Confapi and Confindustria. The common opinion was also associated with the establishment of a monitoring table at Palazzo Chigi to govern and follow up any social emergencies. “The social partners – reads the text released in the evening by Palazzo Chigi – in light of the solution proposed by the Government on overcoming the redundancy block, undertake to recommend the use of the social safety nets that the current legislation and the decree law being approved provide as an alternative to the termination of employment relationships. They hope and are committed, on the basis of shared principles, to a prompt and rapid conclusion of the reform of the social safety nets, to the launch of active policies and of the processes of permanent and continuous training ”.

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