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AssoFinTech: Vegas president of the advisory board


The advisory board of Assofintech, the Italian association for fintech, insurtech and proptech, was set up. This was announced in a note, which states that the chairman of the think tank of finance and technology experts, which will support the association’s activity in its project to support the development and growth of the sector in Italy, is Giuseppe Vegas, former president of Consob and member of the board of directors of Assofintech. Vegas explains: “Fintech shouldn’t just be considered a fashion phenomenon that affects the world of startups. It is much more and must be used by banks, intermediaries and more generally by all those who work in the financial industry to create value and efficiency in their activities. AssoFintech is an association and as such it must create a path for associated companies, which can also be expanded abroad. For this reason our working group is important. The activity of the Association and above all of us members of the Advisory Board must also be that of being present at the European level to enter the legislative debate. For example in the one related to the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The timing of information technology is fast, coordinated action with other countries is essential ”. Here is the Assofintech Advisory Board: Giuseppe Vegas (President), Stefania Bariatti – Prof. University of Milan, member of the ABI Board and Board of Directors of A2A, BNL and Mediaset, Elena Biffi – member of the Board of FinecoBank and Mondadori Group, Roberto Cociancih – member Board of Directors Sace, Giovanella Condò – Milan Notaries, Andrea Ferretti – EY Partner, Ariel Nachman – Head of Israel Desk Simmons & Simmons, Michele Novelli – Digital Magics partner, Leonardo Patroni Griffi – President of Banca Popolare Puglia-Basilicata, Francesco Perrini – Full Professor of Bocconi University, President Brera Financial Advisory, Alessandro Portolano – Partner Chiomenti, Silvia Rovere – President AssoImmobiliare, Confindustria, Federico Sutti – Managing Partner Dentons Europe The aim of AssoFintech is to share and analyze the skills in the field of Financial Technology, allowing Italy to present itself among the main hubs for Fintech and Insurtech. “Our model stems from dialogue and comparison with the main international associations and institutions, the goal is to create and implement successful projects, contribute to the creation of an entrepreneurial, social and regulatory ecosystem favorable to the development of the sector in Italy, increase the awareness of the sector and technological innovation “. AssoFintech offers its members three main services in the technofinance sector: Information and training, Public Affairs and Networking. “Our team offers opportunities to meet with authoritative representatives of institutions, regulators, business, finance, professions and the University. The association also organizes training courses for members and their staff, making the information contained in papers, reports and in-depth analyzes relating to financial technology available “. The skills of women in the field of technological innovations and finance drive” our association towards major changes in the Fintech and Insurtech system. Through the contribution of the President of the Global Thinking Foundation Claudia Segre, and a member of the Board of Assofintech, interventions, activities and projects based on a gender equity vision and prevention of economic, psychological and social violence will be implemented “. Furthermore, financial education must be disseminated and promoted in schools, universities, as well as in the productive categories and professional orders: “Financial knowledge is like a little extra shield that helps us to better face not only the many financial choices that we have to do, but also the unforeseen events of life ”. Prof. Annamaria Lusardi, Director of the Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities (Edufin). Among the most recent collaborations closed by the association, the one with FinTech-Aviv – The Israeli FinTech Association, which supports the growth of Israel FinTech globally and the one with The LHoFT – Luxembourg House of Financial Technology which aims to enrich the international network in European scope.



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