Italtel rescue, trade unions: “Worrying signs”

“In recent weeks, the Italtel rescue path has shown worrying signs, to the point of undermining the certainty that what was outlined with the (future) entry of PSC, could be achieved”. The unions wrote about Italtel in a note, underlining that “to date Italtel sees Exprivia and Cisco as shareholders, that the lease of the company by PSC has not been realized, that the bank guarantees necessary to unblock relations with Cisco (as a supplier) have not yet been ratified (creating problems for Italtel operations and negative effects on margins) and, a fundamental aspect, without the official intervention of the State (through Cassa Depositi e Prestiti) in support of the birth of a National Plant Engineering Center, led by PSC, with Italtel as one of the key elements of the project “. According to Fiom, Fim, Uilm and the coordination of the Rsu Italtel then “icing on the cake, in the first meeting with the company at the Ministry of Labor, Italtel communicated the need to resort to Cigs, in the next 12 months, Cigs that would involve about 800 workers, with variable speeds, in some cases heavy (for example for 30 workers the Company proposes 130 days of Cigs in a year, for another 200 workers 78 days of CISG …) “. The unions announce that they have moved on more slopes these days. “With the Presidium under the Mise on Thursday 24 June, which allowed us on the one hand to be received by Deputy Minister Todde (to whom we reported the doubts and concerns expressed in these press releases) and to speak with some parliamentarians of the PD, to LeU, of the M5S who have been following our story for months. On Friday 25 June there was a call, again with the Mise, present the Italtel top management, the trade union, the representatives of the Lombardy, Lazio, Sicily Regions, the head of the technical secretariat of the Deputy Minister Todde, Professor D’Addona, in which the future of Italtel was discussed, took stock of the situation in the path that should avoid bankruptcy, we asked for confirmation of the feasibility of a Government intervention in support of The rescue operation was finally discussed with the top management regarding the choice of the Cigs “, say the trade unions. Fiom” In the absence of certainty about the future, without a recovery plan, it is not possible we accept a further sacrifice for the workers “says the national secretary of Fiom Barbara Tibaldi to the Adnkronos, commenting on the choice of the telecommunications company Italtel to use the extraordinary layoff also in the second semester after making use of the ordinary layoff in the first six months for Covid motivation. Tibaldi denounces a long and uncertain path in the future. “The situation is very delicate, because Italtel’s path has no certainties. It will have to be completed by December with an acquisition which, however, is currently only announced as well as the only announced intervention by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. At the same time, we continue to ask for a price for the workers again, like the extraordinary redundancy fund and in the absence of certainties about the future we cannot really accept it “, says the union leader. Burdens and honors from the perspective of the trade unionist Fiom can only be assumed with a real recovery plan, before it is no longer possible for the workers to pay. “There is an industrial plan presented by the company which is under an agreement process. In December, if it is acquired and relaunched by absorbing the planned industrial plan, we will face charges and honors. Until then, workers cannot be asked for an additional price”, concludes Tibaldi.Uilm “It is no longer clear if the government supports the Italtel rescue operation”, the national secretary of Uilm Luca Colonna told AdnKronos, underlining that “on Italtel the plan that had been defined with the support of the previous government is now it seems to be questioned not explicitly but by undermining those certainties for which investors are holding back “. A slowdown, the one in progress, which risks always hitting workers. “They always get in the way. The start of the project is postponed and people are put into layoffs, we can’t go on like this”, says Colonna, adding that the extraordinary layoff announced by Italtel for the next semester “is yet another loophole that allows a delay in time that is not good for the company and is discharged on the workers “. A sign of continuity of the government with the previous path is the one that, in Colonna’s perspective, can really strengthen the relaunch of the industrial project. “It was a path, the one outlined by the previous government, which not only led to the rescue of Italtel but also to the potential construction of an Italian company that dealt with telecommunications systems. It seems almost now that that path, which it had supported the Undersecretary for Economic Development, Alessandra Todde, is no longer supported by Deputy Minister Todde and that’s not good, because industrial projects need certainties and companies are sensitive to understanding when one changes one’s mind “, concluded Colonna. extraordinary? It is an unsuitable tool, it only serves to raise cash and refinance Italtel through a part of the workers’ wages “, the national coordinator Fim Cisl of the Italtel group Marco Giglio told AdnKronos, underlining that” he had already said this in the meetings at the Ministry of Labor and economic development, but we will reiterate it again on July 1 when we will look for alternative instruments to deal with the situation. “In an agreement process, with the PSC and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti operations still not materialized, the trade unionist admits that, of course, the financial situation is delicate, but not to the point of asking for extraordinary layoffs. “There is no lack of work volumes or activities. Even in the industrial plan there is talk of a generational change that passes through incentive plans for early retirement and contextual recruitment plans “, added Giglio. Then the Fim trade unionist asks the government to open a sector table on plant engineering and non-telecommunications only to deal with the disputes in progress but also for a more correct and participatory management of the funds that will be allocated to the sector. “We need a control room managed by the government with the social partners that can intervene on a system that, starting from tenders, is not more sustainable for workers. There are no rules, the workers are always the only ones to pay. As social partners we also want to participate to see and affect the funds that will be allocated to infrastructures, in the digitization of the country, in the so-called gray areas, in 5G, in the ultra-broadband, in short, in those areas in which everyone talks about great relaunches, but where everything it has stopped for some time “, concluded Giglio.

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