Trade unions in the square, Landini: “This is not the time for further social fractures”

“Today we ask for the extension of the redundancy block and for the government to pay attention to the world of work, it is the time to unite, not to divide and it is not the time for further social fractures”. Thus the leader of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini on the sidelines of the mobilization promoted by the confederal unions that today take to the streets in three squares in Italy, Turin, Bari and Florence to ask for an extension of the redundancy block. “Today we are not in the streets to say that we exist and it ends here. We took to the streets because we have proposals to reform and change the country and we are claiming true involvement, after which for us today it is the beginning of a mobilization because we want to bring home of the results. If the results are not there, we will certainly not leave the workers alone when faced with the problems they have in living every day “. “The reforms and investments that must be made must create stable jobs, just precariousness and, above all, it is important that all people who work have the same rights and the same protections”. “For us – he added – what is happening is no longer acceptable, that is a competition between people who need to work in order to live. This should also worry those who make politics, the government should also worry, because there is a need for rebuild that trust that does not yet exist “. And this – concluded Landini – should also see an intervention by entrepreneurs because those who want to do, and there are many, seriously the entrepreneur in our country knows that those who do not apply rights, they do not apply contracts and who are smart, they are competing unfairly against them “.” Today we demonstrate and see what Parliament and Government will answer, who know perfectly well what our proposals are and if they want, there are the conditions to find the solutions – added Landini – after which we will evaluate with CISL and UIL if this does not happen, we will evaluate with CISL and UIL what to do. I hope that responsibility and the intelligence of all prevail. “” The word after today is up to the government of course we are ready to confront and find the smartest solutions. The problem is the political will, if any, of businesses and of the government “.” We have already asked the government for an agreement, I hope that the government will do so also because when it summoned us and we made agreements, the problems are solved, both with Conte with the security protocol and in the debate on public contracts “, Landini added, underlining that:” Today the reforms that must be made need the intelligence and consent of the workers and I believe that it is also in the interest of the new government to ensure that the choices made are shared “.” For to do so, however, labor representation needs to be involved. If it is not, we will see what to do, including the provision to prevent layoffs on July 1st “, concluded the leader of the CGIL.

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