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INPS denies durc for 1 cent and the company sinks into drama


The INPS denies the durc for an unpaid cent and plunges a company into drama: jobs and the company’s very survival risk, tested by the covid, and now unable, with negative durc, to participate in tenders tenders and tenders. But not only that: he will not be able to access other facilitating measures such as training 4.0 and funds for new skills and he cannot regularize the position: the system does not accept payments of less than 1.03 euros and the figure of 1 cent does not coincide with the amount due. This was reported by the Calabrian accountant Natalino Algieri, who for privacy reasons does not reveal the name of the company, but invites the president of INPS, Pasquale Tridico, to intervene as soon as possible given the difficulties ” of a document – he says to the Adnkronos – who does not provide explanations on the irregularity committed, does not explain how to remedy and where there are no signatures or names of the official who drafted it, thus effectively preventing the company from regularizing its position as soon as possible ”. For the accountant, the reform of the public administration must also start from these things: ” great plans are made, imminent simplification measures are announced, but then it escapes that the system brings companies to their knees with the most trivial things. We are talking about a penny and this penny that cannot be paid prevents a company from planning investments, ensuring the stability of jobs, and the very future of the company. The problem is that there is no one responsible here, no one is able to tell you who, how and why that penny is due. Okay, let’s pay it the same, but at least tell yourself how and why it is otherwise impossible ”. The accountant wonders if ” the president of INPS is aware of running a machine of this type; if the INPS issues a negative durc even for a single penny, it should know that the state at this point puts the company on the sidelines, which cannot even access bank loans. Of course there is the way of recourse, but with the biblical times of justice, it will come that the company has had to close, perhaps move abroad to survive, with jobs lost here and created there. And for a Republic founded on work there is no harm ”.



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