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Piazza Affari, UniCredit limits the liabilities after the accounts


European stock exchanges closed a particularly eventful week marked by prudence pending developments on the health and geopolitical front. As regards domestic issues, while waiting for the new President of the Republic, the Ministry of Economy has placed 5 and 10-year BTPs and 2029 Ccteu. The five-year period recorded an increase of 31 cents to 0.5% while in the case of the ten-year period, the figure rose by 36 cents to 1.39%. The CCTEU instead achieved a gross yield of 0.08%, +6 cents on the previous auction. Still on the subject of government bonds, the BTP-Bund spread dropped by 1.4% to 136 basis points. In Milan, the Ftse Mib closed the week at 26,565.41 points, -1.18% compared to the previous figure. Despite the + 1.5% of crude oil at 89.5 dollars a barrel, among the worst performances we find those of the stocks of the energy sector, with Saipem in the red by 5.05%, Tenaris which recorded a -1.85% and Eni which left 1.72% on the field. Strong sales also on Cnh Industrial (-3.3%) and Stellantis (-2.7%). The latter could repay the 6.3 billion euro loan guaranteed by Sace one year in advance, with the exception of Mediobanca (+ 0.35%), a letter also on the securities of the banking sector with -3.81% of BPER Banca, -2.56% of Banco BPM and -0.59% of Intesa Sanpaolo. Definitely limited losses for UniCredit (-0.19%) after the publication of the accounts. The institute of Piazza Gae Aulenti has beaten the guidance and proposed the distribution of 3.75 billion between dividends and buybacks. In particular, 2021 closed with an underlying net profit of 3.9 billion, against the guidance of “over 3.7 billion”. The 2022 estimates of an “adjusted” net profit above 3.3 billion (3.8 billion in the underlying version), have been confirmed. Among the few plus signs we find Leonardo (+ 0.97%), who said that in 2021 orders, revenues and Ebita were placed in the upper part of the guidance, and the pairing formed by Hera (+ 1.14%) and Inwit (+ 1.66%). (In collaboration with



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