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Annovi Reverberi wins the IV edition of Mario Unnia Talent & Enterprise


Italian companies have shown a significant spirit of adaptation to the complexities generated by the pandemic, focusing on the implementation of development strategies that put human capital at the center, strong digitization and a targeted focus on innovation and supervision of the markets. A mix that is confirmed in the 6 companies awarded by the Jury of the IV edition of the Mario Unnia Talent & Enterprise award, promoted by Bdo with the support of the main partner Bper Banca and Ersel and with the collaboration of Borsa Italiana and Elite, proclaimed yesterday evening in Milan . Overall winner is Annovi Reverberi spa, winner also for the geographical area of ​​Central Italy. Nice Footwear spa was proclaimed the winner of the Northern Area, while in the Southern Area eFM spa Finally 3 special prizes were awarded: best sustainable business model to Marlegno srl, best social project to Crc stutter srl and best business model reconversion to Forgiafer srl. “We believe we have identified in the companies that have applied for the 2021 edition, and which we thank for their participation, the characteristics to win the ‘game of change’, of which the pandemic has been an accelerating phenomenon”, is the comment of Simone Del Bianco, managing partner of Bdo Italia. Stefano Rossetti, deputy general manager and chief business officer of Bper Banca, declares: “Bper Banca has taken on a new national dimension a few months ago: it is the third largest banking group in the country for global deposits and number of branches, strongly rooted in the regions high manufacturing concentration. Our institutional mission is to support companies both from a financial point of view and in qualified consultancy “.” The delivery of these awards aims to be – continues Rossetti – a further demonstration of our closeness and the attention that Bper Banca has towards deserving and resilient companies. We are continuing with the important work of building an ecosystem that helps to enable them to remain competitive on the markets, restoring employment and wealth to the territories in which they operate. “” Recognizing deserving companies, enhancing them and strengthening their visibility, has always been one of the objectives of the Mario Unnia award from Bdo, of which Elite has been a proud partner for years. In this period, more than ever, it is essential to remain alongside companies that have once again demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for resilience and continuous growth, despite adverse and complicated conditions “, underlined Marta Testi, CEO of Elite – Euronext Group.” Elite’s mission is to support small and medium-sized enterprises by offering a wide range of solutions, tools to finance growth, manage the generational handover, structure corporate governance activities in the best possible way. Because being able to attract the best talents, expand one’s network and acquire new liquidity are key choices to accelerate development and in this Elite has a role of partner and facilitator “, concluded Testi. The IV edition of the award, this year focused on the contest ‘Rethink: the 3 Rs of talent (react, resilience, realise) in the time of the pandemic’, he wanted to identify and enhance those companies that in the recent period have responded with particular effectiveness to the difficult macroeconomic context that has arisen. A total of over 100 companies took part, of which 28 entered the final selection. Of the 28 companies that entered the final, 14 are companies from Northern Italy, 7 from Central Italy and 7 from the South. During the final evening of the awards ceremony, a lively discussion was held on the theme ‘The company that will come’ among the 28 finalist entrepreneurs and Giulio Sapelli, Economics historian, full professor of Economic History at the University of Milan and Mauro Magatti, Sociologist, full professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan. The starting point was the survey conducted by Bdo, with the collaboration of the Department of Business Economics of the University of Milan Bicocca, on the sample of entrepreneurs participating in the event, and concerning the impacts of the pandemic and, above all, the strategic factors for the relaunch of your business. 85% of entrepreneurs foresee a growth trend for their business in the short term, highlighting human capital (11%) and (all with 9%) digitalization, innovation and knowledge of potential and demand markets. Other relevant factors in the opinion of the entrepreneurs will consist of the availability and price trend of raw materials and the compliance of their business models with the new requirements in terms of sustainability. The jury of the award, chaired by professor Andrea Amaduzzi, professor at the Department of Business Economics – University of Milano Bicocca, is composed of Claudio Ceradini, Partner Slt Strategy Legal Tax, Marco Gay, president and executive of Digital Magics spa, Barnaba Ravanne , chief investment officer of Fsi, Mauro Roversi, partner of Ambienta sgr, Paola Schwizer, banking and insurance department SDA Bocconi, Fabio Tamburini, director of Il Sole 24 Ore, and Romina Guglielmetti, Studio Starclex. Established in 2017, the Mario Unnia-Talento & Impresa Award, dedicated to the multifaceted scholar of business and socio-economic scenarios, pupil of Norberto Bobbio and collaborator of Adriano Olivetti, was born from the desire to enhance those companies capable of vision and development of their own talent, as such capable, even in a constantly evolving economic, financial and technological context, to pursue models of sustainable growth, creating value for the territory and for the country, enhancing young talents and human resources. Six companies have been awarded. 1) Annovi Reverberi spa, international leader in the sector of diaphragm pumps for agriculture and piston pumps for industrial washing, boasts an important presence also in the cleaning sector with AR Blue Clean branded pressure washers and in licensing, for both private and professional use, which represent avant-garde solutions on the global market. 2) Nice footwear spa, a center of excellence for digitalization, technology and sustainability in a reference segment for Made in Italy such as for footwear fashion products. 3 ) eFM spa was founded in 2000 with the aim of innovating the real estate market through the optimization of processes to reduce costs, mitigate risks and thus increase the value of assets. He then embarks on the path of digitizing properties to design, manage and monitor services, guarantee their quality through the integration, in a single platform, of all the different market players (owner, provider, user, designer, developer) .4) Marlegno srl since 2000 Marlegno is the reference point for the design and construction of eco-sustainable wooden constructions aimed at human well-being and respect for the environment. Guided by the principles of the circular economy, it uses only wood from pefc certified forests, a reusable and recyclable natural raw material that lends itself to customization and cutting-edge applications. This choice is the basis of an ethical and profitable business, aimed at creating long-term relationships. 5) Crc stuttering srl is an outpatient rehabilitation center operating under accreditation with the NHS that carries out a health and socio-health activity aimed at the functional and social recovery of subjects suffering from physical, psychic and sensory non-motor impairments, dependent on any cause, using a multispecialistic treatment. It makes use of scientific collaborations with universities and national and international research and treatment institutes as well as innovative treatments, based on the use of new technologies. 6) Forgiafer srl, a Brescia-based company consolidated by twenty years of experience and a national leader in the construction of gates and fences, follows the entire production of the Italian Padel fields. From the design to the choice of raw material and every single component, he takes care of every detail and customization of the entirely Made in Italy padel courts.



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