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A2A updates 2021-2030 plan, quadrupled electric charging points (24 thousand)


Reducing CO2 emissions from the transport of goods and people will be possible with an increasingly significant penetration of electric cars and heavy vehicles powered by hydrogen and bio-LNG. In 2021, 8% of cars sold in Italy were electric (pure and plug-in hybrids) and this percentage is destined to grow in the coming years. To encourage the adoption of this sustainable mobility model, A2A in its update to the 2021-2030 Business Plan has quadrupled the installation of infrastructures envisaged compared to the previous plan: 24 thousand electric charging points by 2030 with a focus on low power ( up to 7kW) and on high power (over 50 kW), to favor both a slow (e.g. during the night) and rapid (similar to that of traditional filling stations) delivery modes. “For those mobility segments whose evolution is not foreseen towards electricity – a note from the group recalled – A2A wants to make green solutions such as green hydrogen and bio-LNG available. The Group plans to develop over 60 plants for biomethane of which at least 5 with liquefaction to obtain bio-LNG, while for the production of hydrogen it will be possible to exploit sources of energy produced continuously such as that of waste-to-energy plants, with a decentralized business model based on local ecosystems at the service of industry and transport heavy”.



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