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A focus against pollution from notifications


A feature of iOS 15 comes to the aid, which in a quick and intuitive way (with the swipe from the drop-down menu on the home page) allows you to silence all unnecessary notifications, eliminating the “background noise”. A new and intelligent management of your Apple device, to recover a relationship centered on the needs of the person. It is intuitive to understand how what I ask of my smartphone in terms of interaction with the world is very different if I am working, if I am relaxing before bed, if I am on the road or at a family lunch. But the phone doesn’t know this, and it keeps us hyperconnected at all times. A first step was taken with the “do not disturb” function, which delivers messages, calls and notifications without rings or vibrations. But all the same, picking up the phone, the notifications are there, clearly visible. Not a small temptation to create small or large moments of distraction. With Focus the speech changes drastically. Different modes can be set for complete control over which apps and people can or cannot reach us. This means that if I want to concentrate on work, I can disable all communications except, for example, calls and messages from family members who may have an emergency. And there’s more: if during that time I pick up the phone I will not see any notifications from frozen apps on the screen, until I exit the Focus function. The new operating system will already come with pre-set suggestions based on the user’s habits: for example a night mode, a work mode, a leisure or family one, but all the different Focus modes are fully customizable. And you can decide to apply them simultaneously to all Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even MacBook. The pending notifications will then be shown by the device grouped by importance according to the priorities given by the user, so as not to lose the most important messages in the sea of ​​communications.Another function that integrates with Focus is the ability to create pages of the Home screen with specific apps and widgets for when you need to focus, to see only the relevant apps and reduce temptation. For those looking for us while we are in Focus mode, there is a message ready informing them of our unreachable status. Once the new operating system is available to everyone, however, an emergency function should be introduced to circumvent the block. As early as July Focus, along with all the updates of iOS 15 will be available in beta function for part of the public, and the official launch is scheduled for the autumn.



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