• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

730 pre-filled 2021 online from today, instructions


May 10, 2021

From today it is possible to view the pre-filled form 730 for the tax return on the website of the Revenue Agency. The service is “characterized by a greater amount of pre-filled data in relation to some types of deductible expenses, such as school education expenses, to which are added the charges and expenses already present in previous years”, explains the director of the Agency of the Revenue Ernesto Maria Ruffini. “Also this year – he adds – it will be possible to compile in assisted mode the data relating to the deductible and deductible charges to be indicated in part E of the 730 form, also with reference to the expenses incurred for dependent family members”. “This is an important milestone that has rewarded the enormous effort of the Inland Revenue to achieve this goal. We have managed over a billion pieces of information, collected and inserted in the pre-compiled information in an analytical, functional and organized way”. HOW TO ACCESS THE SERVICE You can access the 730 pre-filled through Spid, national service card, electronic identity card, Fisconline / Entratel, credentials issued by the INPS or Guardia di Finanza. Access can also be made by an authorized intermediary with a specific proxy, by your withholding agent if he provides tax assistance or by the CHANGES Caf. pre-filled declaration. From 19 May it will then be possible to make changes, additions and any corrections to the 730. Once modified, the 730 must be accepted and sent directly online from the Revenue Agency website. It is possible to cancel your declaration even after sending it, in case of errors and inaccuracies from May 25th to June 22nd. From this date you can send the supplementary 730 or the corrective Income model within the deadline.