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Ftse Mib closed positively


New session of increases for the stock market in Piazza Affari. After an uncertain first part, the European lists took courage in the wake of the publication of the Economic Bulletin of the European Central Bank. In the study, the institute led by Christine Lagarde ruled out a premature withdrawal of support measures and estimated that price pressures will remain contained overall. Positive indications also came from S&P, which revised upward the growth estimates on GDP for the Euroland (4.4% in 2021, 4.5% in 2022). The figure for our country also rises, which, at 4.7% and 4.2% in April, is now expected to reach 4.9% for the two-year period 21-22. On the Ftse Mib, which stopped at 25,422.22 points (+ 1.38%), Pirelli shares closed in positive (+ 0.2%) despite the analysts of Goldman Sachs having reduced the valuation on the shares to “sell “. Citigroup, on the other hand, made it known that it had raised its valuation on Campari from “sell” to “neutral” (+2.33%). Earnings day for Diasorin and Amplifon, up by 3.2 and 2.61 percent respectively . Among the best performances we also find STMicroelectronics (+ 1.95%). The company announced that it has completed the buyback plan and the start of a partnership with Tower Semiconductor under which St will host Tower in the Agrate Brianza factory. In the asset management sector, Banca Generali + 1.95% while between UniCredit bankers recorded + 2.76% and Intesa Sanpaolo + 2.07%. On the government bond market we find the minus sign of the BTP-Bund spread, which fell by 1.6% to 110 basis points. Today the Treasury placed the first tranche of the new CCTeu through a syndicate with maturity on April 15, 2029. The bond, issued for 6 billion euros, was placed at a price of 99.689, corresponding to a yield of 69 basis points on the Euribor a 6 months. (In collaboration with



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