Lavoro, Francini (Work Day): “After the pandemic, human resources management must be revolutionized”

In the world of work, after the pandemic, “it is essential to modernize and revolutionize the world of HR, which is no longer just ‘administrative’ and is no longer the ‘old fashion’ management of talent: it is a world of specialists at both of suppliers both at the level of leaders who manage human resources in companies. The way of managing human resources must be revolutionized “. Federico Francini, Country manager, Workday, Italy said this during the virtual press conference on the insights emerging from the recent research developed exclusively by Yonder and Peakon on the tools to realign and prepare talents for the future of work. “The way and the effectiveness of employee involvement – added Francini – is above all having available data that can be used, in real time and through all the processes that represent the management of human resources: this is a key element. Uncertainty in the world of work it will continue to accompany us also in the near future and therefore we need a technology that allows us to introduce the right dynamism, agility, to face a world that will surely change and we will all have to be ready to face any change. we call Acceleration Gap which is nothing more than the gap with which a company today with the available resources is able to function and generate business, and the acceleration required by the market as some external variables increase, sometimes predictable, sometimes not (market volatility, the volume of data to be analyzed, digital transformation). Companies that will not be able to follow the acceleration ions demanded by the market risk going astray ‘”. Francini illustrated the recipe for HR proposed by Work Day, a company specialized in this segment since its foundation:” We believe – he said – that the solid foundations of a digitalization of HR start from having something based on data and therefore an organic, automated, cloud platform that can transparently cross all HR processes. In reality, a framework with a data-driven approach “. It is necessary” to have a very flexible approach and have an application that is able to adapt processes to the business and not the other way around with great flexibility of adaptation and, lastly, since today companies are asked for an accelerated metabolism, we believe that it is essential to have a constant recalibration of the business, of the organization with planning and execution cycles of continuous analysis strategies. Only in this way can a modern digital company keep up with the times “, he concluded.

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