Work, Livi (Kuwait Petroleum It.): “Digital transformation Hr in progress even before lockdown”

“The lockdown was an acceleration element of the digital transformation in human resources that began well before the lockdown, because many elements that were accelerated by the pandemic were already well present in companies ready to grasp the changes in the surrounding world.” This was stated by Livio Livi, director of HR External Relations and Bms, Kuwait Petroleum Italia, a leading company in the energy industry, speaking at the online press conference on the insights that emerged from recent research by Yonder and Peakon for Work Day on tools to realign and prepare talents for the future of work. Among these elements already present there was certainly “the technological transformation alongside which there was already a way of living with others, an ethics, in transformation”, explains Livi. “It is necessary to understand – he adds – that we are not only changing as a community of work, but we are changing as people and this was Kuwait’s approach”. “We also revised the business model – explains Livi – because consumers change and we had to understand what fundamental skills were needed in the company to be able to deal with a different business model, much more based on digitization”. Among the skills identified, says Livi , “there is computational thinking, that is the ability to identify within a large number of information those that are useful for achieving the thing you are doing, transdipliscinacy and social intelligence because even in a digital world this represents a vital element of the community “. “Then there are the skills dedicated to the HR world: Work Day made us understand that the internal digital skills were particularly distant from reality because the HR function comes from a humanistic and less technological culture, and, therefore, more than others it needed to deepen their ability to carry out digital projects “, explains Livi. “However, all these transformations are associated with attention to the individual, to the person, as a unicum, not seen as a community. And in this sense – Livi observes – Work Day has given us a great opportunity, through the upgrade of skills. to manage digital projects, the ability to rethink all processes in a more modern, more digital perspective and to reread them with attention to the individual who feels recognized as unique by the company “. “Work day is a great facilitator of this transformation, both in cultural terms of attention to the individual and in more general terms with a platform that allows us to efficiently manage processes that are very varied in human resources, from hiring to development “, he concludes.

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