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Spazi, Bernardini (ArianeGroup): “Let’s prepare the future family of European launchers”


“ArianeGroup has a very clear strategy that it puts into practice with Ariane 6 and its evolutions in the short and medium term and has long since traced its own path for the future family of reusable, eco-sustainable and competitive European launchers, developing the preparatory elements, including including the new generation Prometheus engine and the reusable Themis stage “. This was underlined by the Strategy and Innovation Director of ArianeGroup, Morena, Bernardini, speaking at the opening day of the European Space Conference, in Brussels. Bernardini noted that “in this regard ArianeGroup has promoted the creation of a consortium to propose the future of space transport to ESA. We are thus preparing the future family of European launchers and Maia will be the first launcher of this new family. fine-tuning the various pieces, ArianeGroup has created MaiaSpace, an ad hoc structure, now controlled by ArianeGroup, designed to act with the agility of a start-up “. Referring to the numerous start-ups that have announced mini and micro-launcher projects, Bernardini commented: “I don’t think we are running after others. I believe that when the industry leader creates a spin off to accelerate key technologies for the future practically at the same time that it launches the most important space mission in the world into orbit with extreme precision, doubling its life and thus giving humanity twice as many scientific results, well this company is not running after others but is showing the way from to take”.

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