Italy returns as protagonist of Nutella ‘Ti amo Italia’

After the great success of last year, Italy is once again the protagonist of the limited edition of Nutella “Ti Amo Italia” scheduled for autumn, with a big news: for the first time it was consumers who inspired and decreed the places depicted on the iconic jars of this second edition, through an online competition that garnered 2,143,217 votes from the public. The places of the heart of the Italians were on the podium, who voted by making the places with which they feel a particular bond prevail, rich in memories and emotions, even to the detriment of the largest and most renowned metropolitan cities, once again underlining the meaning of this limited edition: to celebrate the bond and the wonder of our country in every corner, from the best known to the most hidden and no less extraordinary. The appeal that Nutella has launched on social networks has in fact seen the extraordinary participation of users who have given life to an exciting challenge by nominating over 1600 wonders which, thanks to their variety, have represented how much our land can be a source of inspiration: come on crystalline seas, to the luxuriant hills, passing from the mountains and lakes up to the cities. Among the more than 1,600 initial candidacies, 84 suggestive locations of our peninsula, selected in collaboration with Enit (National Tourism Agency) , with the aim of creating more and more awareness of the wonder of the places that surround us. The participants, through their votes, have chosen the winning images representative of each region of Italy and which will be depicted on the 42 jars of the first Limited Edition inspired by consumers, arriving in stores starting next October.

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