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The CEO of Yamamay and Carpisa: “We aim to close 2022 at 340 million, focus on Man lines”


He is “optimistic” about the months to come and looks confidently at the end of the year: “We aim to close 2022 at 340 million euros”, Gianluigi Cimmino, managing director of Carpisa and Yamamay, controlled by the Pianoforte Holding group, told Adnkronos. But at the same time it draws an alarming picture on the current situation, linked to the new Dpcm with shops and commercial activities where, from February 1st, it will be necessary to show the green pass to access. “It is a measure that slows down the flows of many activities – says Cimmino bitterly -. We will see the change from February 1st but already from January the flows have been reduced by 50-60% both for shopping centers and for cities and towns. I expect a further slowdown from the introduction of the new controls. At this point e-commerce becomes a more convenient alternative for those who go shopping and have to pull out the green pass every time they enter a store. “For Mr Yamamay is not “fair” that hypermarkets and supermarkets are not subjected to the same controls: “They are gathering places – he observes – they sell not only food but also products that can be found in controlled stores. Once again we fall on discrimination of the first lockdown “. In that dark period of 2020, the Pianoforte Holding group, which has 2,500 employees worldwide, lost “over 100 million euros” but has now returned to press the accelerator on retail development, with a plan of over 100 new openings. stores and the recovery of businesses closed during the pandemic, which will join the 450 of Carpisa and the 600 Yamamay already in business. “The market is ready to respond – explains Cimmino -. In 2022 we should start growing again compared to 2019 and we aim to close at 340 million euros “. After all, the premises are all there: “The second half of 2021 we returned to pre-pandemic levels – highlights Cimmino -. 2022 predicted the continuation of this brilliant growth but looking at how January started, everything has slowed down at the moment. However, I am very optimistic that we are at the end of the pandemic, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am convinced that the Omicron variant represents the end of the pandemic ”. The female universe remains at the center of the group: “It is our core business – underlines Cimmino – but at the moment the sector that is growing the most is that of men. We have an important development program with a dedicated brand, Yamamay Man. He is giving us a lot of satisfaction and we will see much of the growth in the next two years in this sector ”. The same goes for Carpisa. “Here, too, the segment that is growing the most is the male one, thanks to the development of the world of urban travel” admits Cimmino, who however remains critical of one of the hottest issues of the moment, that of expensive bills. “The 4 billion from the government will be insufficient – he observes – also because the energy problem is compounded by the increase in the costs of raw materials, which will certainly determine a cooling of consumption and consequently of growth. If in the second half of 2021, it was excellent for us too, it must be said that it is not solid growth and that it takes little to stop it ”. Even commercial leases, Cimmino notes, are a “exhaustion” issue. For two years, the CEO remarked, “we have been carrying out the negotiations. What would be needed is a government intervention, with a guarantee fund to spread these rent reductions at the end of the contracts, with a guarantee from the state”.

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