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Expo Dubai, Leonardo talks about ‘The Flying Society’


The value and contribution of women is also conquering the skies as a new horizon is opening up on the impact that innovative air mobility will have on cities, people and habits. Because if humanity has always looked up, dreaming of reaching the sky with the desire to conquer it, today we are entering a more inclusive phase in the history of flight: now the “society of flight” is being born. It is the Italian aerospace giant Leonardo who has outlined this new scenario of flight today at the Italian Pavilion of Expo Dubai with “The Flying Society”. Leonardo’s event – Platinum sponsor of the Italian ‘home’ at the UAE Universal Exposition – has drawn a red thread between sky, space and Earth, telling the new ‘society of flight’ through the stories of those who know ‘flight’ well . Stories of pioneering women like Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum, the first member of the royal family to fly as a qualified commercial pilot for Emirates Airlines – and the first woman to be named First Lieutenant Pilot at the Dubai Police – who ushered in Leonardo’s brainstorming by confirming as women have strong wings to govern even the flight. To do the honors to “The Flying Society” was the General Manager of Leonardo, Valerio Cioffi, who underlined that “Expo 2020 Dubai confirms the Emirati’s attention to the development of new technologies, with particular focus on aeronautics” . “I believe – observed the manager – that the three key themes of this Expo – Opportunity, Sustainability, Mobility – perfectly embody the promises and challenges of aviation that we want to deepen in today’s event”. “Leonardo – and Italy itself – has been part of the history of flight since its inception, with the aim, over the decades, of maintaining the acquired and recognized technological advantage” said Cioffi. “We therefore have the ambition to remain leaders also in this new era of aviation and we are investing to respect this commitment” assured Leonardo’s General Manager before giving the stage to Sheikha Al Maktoum and who were then followed by many speakers who shared their experiences, and their visions of flight, as Nicoletta Iacobacci, Global Technologies and Etichs Advisor, General Luigi Casali, Chief of Staff of the Military Air Force Schools Command, and Roberto Garavaglia, Leonardo’s Svp Strategy and Innovation for the helicopter sector. “I was only 12 years old when I felt the thrill of flying: it was a chance meeting and love at first sight” said Sheikha Al Maktoum as she took the stage. “I really hope that my path can be an inspiration and encouragement to all the young women who are looking for their way” said Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum emphasizing that “it is time to also tell the stories of the women who have contributed to aviation, so that the next generation can dream of achieving the same results, letting themselves be inspired by their heritage “. The value and contribution of women in the conquest of the sky, the impact that the new air mobility will have on cities, people and habits were among the themes at the center of “The Flying Society” which touched on, in the stories of the guests and thanks to extraordinary images, also the evolution of the roles, skills and training of pilots operating in increasingly technological ecosystems, and what will be necessary, in the industrial field, to facilitate a sustainable, safe and intelligent use of the skies in the near future . General Luigi Casali, Aeronautica Militare, explained that “one of the challenges we are facing and that we will continue to face in the coming decades is the ability to adapt the selection and training processes to keep up with the progress of the technological ecosystem that is before everyone’s eyes “. “We need – said Casali – a flexible modular system that is capable of rapidly adapting to new technologies and social changes of a young population that can meet the training requirements of tomorrow. An in-depth analysis of what the role, the capacity and the training chain of the future generation must become a priority in order to be able to recruit, train and deliver future aviators to our Air Forces “. Meanwhile, the next generation of women and men will have to aim to master an era in which humans and machines will share the skies, creating new paths, new interactions, new opportunities. “Is it possible to integrate feminine values ​​into technological choices? Should we rethink ethics so that it does not only respond to laws and principles, but also to empathy, compassion and care?” asked the Global Technologies and Etichs Advisor Nicoletta Iacobacci. “The future is feminine, or at least – he indicated – women should have a role as co-protagonists in creating a sustainable future. They are fast and determined, practical, collaborative and sagacious. Practicality, empathy, collaboration, respect and determination are necessary to create a future that is empowered, yet still human. My message is for girls and women in general: embrace technology and science, because it is not just a study and career opportunity. ” “Today – he said – it is a duty”.

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