Realacci: “Italian skills in transport competition are good”

“I can only be happy that in America, also under the sign of Italian companies, technologies and engineers, a competition in fast transport between trains and airplanes is strengthened because it is clear that train transport, both for food and for efficiency , is also better from the point of view of combating the climate crisis “. This is how Ermete Realacci, president of the Symbola Foundation, on the first US high-speed line between Houston and Dallas, entrusted to the Italian group Webuild which was awarded the maxi order worth 16 billion dollars. “The fact that superfast trains enter into competition and win with air transport is an absolutely positive thing and it is all the more positive because Italian companies and skills are strongly involved in this enterprise”, he remarks. More generally, in the world , “the bulk of travel takes place in local transport over short distances” and the fact “that these transports are increasingly moving towards rail and electricity is an advantage from all points of view”. Therefore, “it is also a great sign of modernity to make local rail transport more comfortable, efficient and extended and for Italy the strengthening of commuter trains is a key point from the point of view of pollution and sustainability”.

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