Adnkronos and Media One together for information on the go

A new opportunity for quality information for travelers. It is ‘News to go’, the flow of information designed for those on the move and that Adnkronos will launch in the partnership just launched with Media One, a versatile and innovative operator, specialized in the field of indoor and outdoor advertising communication. Present for over 50 years in the national and international information landscape, Adnkronos will provide video / text information content to be disseminated within the OneTv video communication systems, present in the main railway stations. The product, designed for a fast and at the same time rigorous use and quality of information, is correlated to the times of users on the move: daily video cards, with animation and graphics, divided into 5 editions a day, with a focus on the main events of the day that are added to the “last minute” news on politics, economy, finance, foreign affairs, culture, entertainment, sport for an update of the facts in real time. OneTv is the network of about 1500 Media One screens distributed throughout the territory and able to “accompany” different target travelers in stations and on the highways. It is present in 123 railway stations and 97 service areas along Italian motorways. “The agreement with Media One allows us to reach end users in real time and directly”, comments Pietro Giovanni Zoroddu general manager of the Adnkronos Group. ” We are very interested in reaching the target of the public on the move, taking into account their needs and the time / attention ratio that these users usually dedicate to outdoor circuits and information “, he adds.” Adnkronos will accompany us on a long journey that goes away. enriching with new stages – explains Riccardo Parigi, CEO of Media One -. The service we want to offer is constantly evolving. Technology today allows us to integrate very different contents. Entertainment and information are by now inextricably linked and brands know this very well, having long since learned to use them to tell their stories “.

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