• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Fear of Covid does not decrease, Italians are increasingly protected with insurance


Jan 15, 2022

The Covid pandemic that shows no signs of slowing down and the new Omicron variant still scare Italians, who run for cover with life or health insurance policies. In 2021, it appeared in November from an Facile.it survey that 3.6 million, 6% of the population, signed one in Italy for the first time, thus reaching a total of 16 million. Of the 3.6 million new policyholders, the survey recalled, 34% did so precisely because they felt less secure due to the pandemic. Furthermore, the interest of Italians in life insurance coverage in 2021 has grown, as shown by the online research on the comparator: + 27% on the year. But there’s more: from the Facile.it Observatory they explain to Adnkronos that in the second half of 2021, always looking at life policies, there was an increase of 9% compared to the first six months of online views and contact requests for these products. In short, the comparator explains, people, afraid of the prolongation of the pandemic, wanted to have more information or were interested in the product more than in the first part of the year. “Since the outbreak of the pandemic onwards, we have noticed a growing and constant increase in interest from users in health insurance and, overall, in all products to cover the person, his health and that of his family unit” , explains Irene Giani, head of non-motor insurance at Facile.it. “In the great negativity of the period, if we want to see a positive element, we have learned from the pandemic that it is important to protect ourselves in advance from risks and inconveniences that can affect not only us, but also our loved ones. I am sure that this trend will remain and will it will also stabilize in the coming months “, he concludes. A trend that emerged from the online comparator’s survey, which is also confirmed by Allianz. In fact, the group explains that they have detected a stable or slightly growing trend for 2021 in pure risk policies (Tcm) and growth in the individual health policies segment higher than other insurance branches. In CreditRas, an Allianz-UniCredit joint venture in the bancassurance sector, there was a very substantial growth in terms of pure risk policies. June 2021 but with clear indications: in the first half of last year, 140 new individual products were registered, relating to the life sector, compared to 106 recorded in the previous six months. An increase that shows an offer that must keep up with the demand, that is with what is requested by the customers of the insurance companies in terms of health. The answer was, according to another bulletin of the authority on premiums, a collection in the life sector, again in the first six months of 2021, equal to € 58.3 billion, an increase of + 18.6% compared to 2020. The recovery is concentrated on class III relating to unit and index-linked policies, the collection of which it increased by +8.5 billion (+ 61.2%) and then in the class to which the ‘pure’ life policies are connected, up on an annual basis by +2.5 billion (+ 8.0%).