• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Construction: Meritocracy Italy, in 100% bonus something is not working


Jan 15, 2022

Something about the 100% building bonus is not working. The problems mainly concern large interventions, as the vast majority of the works undertaken concern small single-family buildings. The complaint comes from the president of Meritocrazia Italia, Walter Mauriello. “The positive impact of an initiative that could potentially be very useful was held back by limits and difficulties in its implementation. interventions. At the end of 2021, however, the works uploaded on the government portal were around 500 million euros, with only 3,500 construction sites activated “, reads a note. “The main use was aimed at the Ecobonus, rather than the Sismabonus or the Ecobonus + Sismabonus 110%. It is surprising above all that the bonus earthquake was not attractive, especially considering that, from 2024, the activation of the anti-seismic safety measures , in Italy, it will be compulsory and at the total expense of Italian citizens. Certainly, regulatory uncertainty and bureaucratic delays linked to the release of documentation on properties such as building permits and / or certificates of habitability play a decisive role “, explains Mauriello.” From the point of view then, a technical and financial problem was recorded, linked to the decisions to be taken, relating to which interventions to take and how to do them; which expenses are worthy of the tax benefit; how to ‘move’ money in the face of public bureaucracy; abuses More simplicity and clarity are needed “, he continues, presenting the proposals put forward by Meritocrazia Italia. Among these, it details that of: identifying a standard with minimum characteristics and contents acceptable to all, as was done for the Energy Service contract; aim at simplification starting with the decision-making process of condominiums relating to the procedures in the context of the Superbonus 110% (decisions that cannot be repeatedly modified or arbitrarily interpreted); reward digitization also through a model that can be represented through ‘a very small institutional short film’, transparently accessible on public networks, which, professionally in a few steps, with correct but understandable language, explains the functioning of the system.