• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Masks and tampons, how much they weigh on the pockets of Italians


Jan 15, 2022

Equipping Ffp2 masks and regularly undergoing anti-Covid tampons represents a drain on families, and can cost up to 4,824 euros per year for a nucleus of 4 people. Consumerismo No Profit denounces it today, a consumer association that has drawn up a study to understand how the current health emergency affects the pockets of Italians. Today the classic surgical masks can be found on the market, between the web and physical stores, at an average price of € 0.20 per piece. However, the association notes, this mask is no longer sufficient, since to access buses, subways and trains and enter public places it is necessary to have Ffp2, which in pharmacies are sold at the controlled price of 0.75 euros, but in shops and on the web have very variable prices, from 0.40 to 2.50 euros per piece. For swabs, the prices vary according to the type of test to which you undergo: the serological has a cost between 20 and 30 euros, the rapid one is performed by pharmacies at a fixed cost of 15 euros, while for the molecular the price lists fluctuate. between 60 and 140 euros, depending on the timing to obtain the result and the region of residence (in the north they cost significantly more than in southern Italy). Therefore, considering the average prices of the masks, each individual citizen estimates Consumerism, ” spends about 300 euros a year between surgical and Ffp2, plus 75 euros of monthly expenditure for tampons (assuming a rapid and a molecular tampon per month), for a total cost of 1,200 euros per year “. A family of 3, for the same items of expenditure and assuming the same consumption, must face a cost of 3,618 euros per year. Expenditure that can reach 4,824 euros per year in the case of a family unit consisting of 4 people, which spends 1,224 euros per year for masks, 3,600 euros per year for tampons. “A real drain – comments the president Luigi Gabriele – We ask that the cost of masks and tampons is fully borne by the health service for families with Isee up to 20 thousand; beyond this threshold, we ask for the deductibility of these expenses at least at 50% “.