• Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Sand batteries powered by renewable sources, Magaldi Power patent


Jan 14, 2022

Use the energy of the wind and the sun even when the sun and wind are not available. The innovative clean energy storage system Mgtes – Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage responds to a critical aspect of the current energy networks from renewable sources and is the protagonist at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, scheduled from 17 to 19 January 2022 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (Adnec). The 2022 edition focuses on frontier solutions for the energy transition and it is in this context that Magaldi Green Energy (www.magaldigreenenergy.com), startup of Magaldi Power, the world’s top player in systems for the transport of materials at very high temperatures, presents Mgtes – Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage, technology entirely made in Italy that helps to overcome the intermittency of renewable energy. By its very nature, solar and wind energy depend on weather conditions, which is why it is impossible to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This discontinuity is now compensated by resorting to energy production from fossil sources and when instead there is an excess of production from renewables, the electricity grid operators are paradoxically forced to apply reductions. Hence the need to be met by the new storage technologies which see, alongside electrochemical and hydroelectric accumulations, also the emerging technologies of thermal energy storage, all indispensable and complementary systems to enable the greater penetration of renewables. When the production of renewable energy exceeds 50% of the need, the storage systems will grow exponentially. The Mgtes – Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage system develops a storage technology based on a fluidized sand bed (Energy from the sand), powered exclusively from renewable energies. The system can be charged with excess electrical and thermal energy, managing to store it for an interval ranging from 4 to over 10 hours (Long Duration Energy Storage) up to weeks with very limited losses and then discharging it when the sun and wind are not available. In this way the system allows to store renewable energy when it is in surplus and to release green thermal energy for industrial consumption, balancing the imbalance between supply and demand and helping to stabilize the network. considerable advantages: large thermal storage capacities (up to the order of GWh); high thermal efficiency; fast response times; no environmental impact thanks to the use of natural materials. The technology has reached a high technological maturity (Trl7) and the first industrial module is currently under construction at the Magaldi production site in Salerno, which will soon be open to visits by the largest international energy companies. thermal energy take on even more significance if we consider that industrial processes largely depend on energy produced by heat. From one of the most recent global reports on energy consumption (International Energy Agency 2020) it emerges, for example, that 74% of the energy demand for industry is used to produce heat and steam and that 90% of this energy comes from sources such as coal, oil and gas. The possibility of guaranteeing an entirely sustainable production of industrial processes with high energy consumption linked to the production of heat is also for this reason one of the central challenges towards decarbonisation. Quality and commitment in the research and development of technologies oriented towards environmental sustainability have led the way for Magaldi Green Energy’s entry as Technology Provider in the prestigious Ldes Council – Long Duration Energy Storage Council set up by McKinsey. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, on the occasion of COP26 – the last United Nations Conference on Climate Change, the Ldes Council sees among its affiliates companies such as Breakthrough Energy, founded by Bill Gates, is at the forefront in promoting solutions, technologies and policies aimed at achieving carbon neutrality.Thanks to an innovative storage system, Mgtes neutralizes the intermittency of solar and wind power, allowing to capture excess energy and release it when needed. “Being able to efficiently and sustainably conserve the energy produced by renewable sources allows us to take an important step towards a progressive decarbonisation of the industrial system”, explains Letizia Magaldi, vice president of the startup Magaldi Green Energy. “The reduction of CO2 emissions in favor of sustainable solutions for the planet and for our very idea of ​​the future is a challenge that needs concreteness, thermal energy storage technologies respond exactly to this need”.