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Purchases, the average monthly expenditure of households is 209 euros


Jan 14, 2022

Spending is one of the items that have the greatest impact on Italians’ portfolios. An average family, in fact, spends as much as 209 euros every month on food, personal and home hygiene products. Altroconsumo therefore carried out a survey, which involved 9,799 respondents in order to identify their favorite brands, the criteria for choosing one store over another and the purchasing behavior relating to the category. Altroconsumo – which already annually publishes the analysis on the convenience of the brands in Italy – has decided to give voice to the opinion of consumers by interviewing a representative panel in order to draw up the ranking of the favorite brands of large retailers. Four categories analyzed: hypermarkets and supermarkets, local chains, discount stores and online stores. As regards the first type, the first position is occupied by Esselunga, followed by Ipercoop / Coop & Coop. Speaking of local brands, the Roman Pewex conquered the podium, on a par with Cadoro, a Venetian brand, which stands out in particular for the quality of the products purchased. When it comes to discount stores, on the other hand, Aldi and Eurospin lead the way. Altroconsumo has also identified what are the favorite online stores of Italians, although they are less and less chosen than physical stores. In the lead we find Iperal, (which stands out for the availability of products) Unes (U1 / U2) and Alì. During the analysis, Altroconsumo also tried to understand what are the elements most considered by the interviewees when choosing the trusted market and also what are the purchasing habits that affect them. The first criterion of choice is practicality (35%), especially linked to the ease of reaching it both by car (used by 81% of the interviewees to go shopping) and on foot (14%). Another element of great importance is the price – the main criterion for 21% of the interviewees. But how do consumers behave when they shop? First of all, in terms of purchasing methods, they prefer to go personally to the store – mostly frequented (63%) 1 or 2 times a week – instead of relying on online platforms (although there is a greater propensity following the advent of the pandemic ). In fact, three out of 4 interviewees have never made purchases from online stores. On the other hand, as regards the payment methods, consumers prefer the use of digital devices to cash: in fact, about half buy with a debit card, 33% with a credit card. As for purchases in supermarkets, Altroconsumo wanted to identify which items are most purchased. First of all there are dairy products (77% of cases) followed by fruit and vegetables (70%), household cleaners (66%), personal hygiene products (61%) and meat (55%). As for food, those who do not buy them in a shop prefer specialized businesses such as the butcher’s (where 79% of consumers buy meat that does not go to the market) or the bakery (chosen by 89% of consumers as alternative to the supermarket for bread). On the basis of the results of this survey, the new Altroconsumo seal “Supermarket preferred by consumers” was also created. The seal was awarded to supermarkets that achieved an overall satisfaction score of at least 75 points (excellent quality), and that have a quality index that is statistically higher than the average of the indices of other excellent quality supermarkets.

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