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Pasta, Scordamaglia: “there will be no other increases but pay attention to the below cost that is throttling the supply chain”


“I would not expect further increases, rather a progressive absorption of objective increases that the large-scale retail trade must make while avoiding speculations on below cost, as some chains do under the tutelary deity of inflation, which is not so much linked to the increase in demand that it is not ‘is but to supply bottlenecks “. This is what Luigi Scordamaglia, managing director of Filiera Italia, argues, questioned by Adnkronos regarding the alarm on the increase in wheat prices, and therefore also for pasta, launched today by the industrialists of the Divella and Felicetti sector. “The consumer must understand that in general, looking for a price below cost is not the best choice for food”, that is, according to Scordamaglia “there must be greater awareness that in food one must not pursue below cost because it destroys national supply chains and leads to a lower quality product “. In this regard, Scordamaglia is keen to remember that from December 16 there are new rules against unfair practices capable of pursuing the below cost with heavy penalties “.” There is a perfect storm on the food sector linked to a series of factors, a begin with the costs of electricity and gas which compared to the ante covid have increased by 500/600% and which greatly affect the final cost of production “. Furthermore, Scordamaglia observes” there is also an increase in all materials to be packaging: cardboard, tinplate, glass, plastic films (which derive from energy-intensive activities) which have had increases from 25 to 100% “and logistical difficulties persist as well as a global shortage of agricultural and food raw materials due to both climatic and geopolitical reasons. “We asked for increases from the large-scale distribution, which responded in a varied manner and now there is an awareness of meeting at least part of these increases” reports the number one of Supply Chain I taly.



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