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Pensions: reform work begins tomorrow, via the government-trade union table


The work on pension reform opens tomorrow between the government, CGIL CISL and UIL: at the table convened by the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, following the decisions taken at the summit with Prime Minister Draghi and the trade unions just before Christmas, The Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, Marco Leonardi for Palazzo Chigi, and the union leaders, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri will also sit. The goal is to find a sustainable but above all structural exit from the Fornero reform after the changes made in recent years. Times are not very long; not only the soft exit from quota 100 conceived by the executive with quota 102 inserted in the financial law, will expire at the end of the year but CGIL CISL and UIL are confident in some preliminary indication of the government already in the next Def of mid-April. In the background, obviously, the concerns related to the uncertainty of the political framework and the fear that the game could be interrupted prematurely; but CGIL, CISL and UIL appear determined to bring home the result. On tomorrow’s table, therefore, the unions will re-propose the unitary platform written in six hands already presented to the Conte government but which does not seem to have lost its appeal: greater flexibility in leaving and without penalties, starting from 62 years of age or with 41 years of contributions ; modification of the current automatic mechanism for adjusting pension conditions to life expectancy; support for the most vulnerable, unemployed, disabled, caregivers, heavy and strenuous jobs; recognition of the care work carried out by women with the possibility of anticipating retirement by 12 months for each child and the enhancement of the work carried out with disabled or non-self-sufficient people in the family environment; social security protection of young people from often precarious work but struggling with a mechanism for calculating the exclusively contributory social security allowance for which to study the possibility of a guarantee pension; extension of the supplementary pension. These, therefore, for the trade unions are the paragraphs of a possible future reform that will have to find a square with the budgetary needs of the government and the EU assessments. Most likely, however, the government’s first step will be to select, in agreement with the trade unions, a new list of heavy workers who will be able to access the social Ape and therefore retire from 63 years and 36 of contributions, in light of the 27 new categories, in addition to the 15 already provided for by law, recently identified by the Damiano Commission. Discussion, on the other hand, probably all to be updated that relating to the separation between social security and assistance: the black smoke arrived from the Technical Commission in recent days, in fact, which judged the clear distinction of the welfare items from the social security items, loudly requested by the trade unions, to be “impractical” , makes it difficult to resume discussions on the issue.



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